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14 June 2011

Still Alive

I am still alive, just have been uber busy between work and other things in real life. I am planning on posting some actual content here soon (as in someday, LOL). Right now I am debating whether to post some pics of the Copplestone Bio-Chem squad and Zombie Troopers I have or some of my scratch built scenery (and the background fluff for said pieces), which consists of a couple of signs for some fictional businesses in my initial outbreak campaign, that is set in Mayhem City (in my campaign Mayhem City is located where Flint. Michigan is, and Genesee County is Mayhem County, the rest of the state for the most part will remain as is, with maybe one or two exceptions, such as a large military base and city outside of it located where the real world communities of Fenton and Holly are). I have already posted one of the signs over on the Post Apoc forums Though now the sign does have some additional details on the base.

I might also continue posting some of the background fluff for my initial outbreak campaign, fleshing out the Mayhem County area and Liberty City/Fort Liberty (the above mentioned Military base which is named after a fictional Civil War Colonel, Col. Ebenezer Liberty, that commanded the fictional 33rd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment (at least as far as I know the unit is fictional), who also used his own land (where the base is located)  for the training of his regiment). I might also include some of the major groups in the area such as the Mayhem County Gun Club and the pro sports teams in the area.u