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29 October 2012

Proof I am still around

Proof I am still around and trying not to just lurk.

First Up the Qwik Field/Court:

I bought some foam core that folds in half to use for my field, figuring easier storage. The empty space on the one side will have a gong (probably will be scratch built) and some stone piles for throwing at the gong.

Grid laid out (done at work while on break)

Another view of the Field, the foamcore folds in half

Starting to carve out the grid

Now on to a figure that was from my purchase last week.

Bonzo the Killer Klown. He is basically finished, just have some minor touch up work to do, along with adding some blood to the meat cleaver, though his gloves will miraculously remain pristine and white.
I do have the other Reaper figure and 10 of the 30 (not counting the extra "crawler" torsos on the sprues) WF Zombie Vixen primed and painting started. I am hoping to get these figures finished sometime this week, then assembling another 10 Zombie Vixen to prime and paint, before doing the last 10.

Edit 30OCT2012: I realized in my last post I said that the Minis I picked up last week were my first ones of the year, this is incorrect, I did get some minis this year, they were the Hunger Games figures that I have as for now left as is, because I didnt do anything with these other then rebasing they slipped my mind. I did finish the first 10 Zombie Vixen. Also below I commented on ordering some Horrorclix figures to be part of my Killer Klown gang, I noticed looking at the invoice I was emailed that I didnt order the fire breather, but a second Zombie ventriloquist, oops my bad. Hopefully next week when I get paid again and can throw more money onto the card Troll and Toad will still have the firebreather (will also be ordering some Heroclix singles that arent overtly super heros).

26 October 2012

It's Alive, Bwahahahahaha

I am still alive, just been busy with work. Not much new on the gaming front, other then ordered ATZ: Final Fade Out today, picked up a box of Wargames Factory Zombie Vixen along with another Reaper Chronoscope Survivor (not sure which one off the top of my head) and Reaper Chronoscope Bonzo the Killer Klown, going to try and start my own Killer Klown gang, already have the HorrorClix Cannibal Midgets (at least I believe its Cannibal Midgets) figure from the Sideshow expansion. Thinking the Reaper Ringmaster as another Killer Klown member, even though he isnt a Clown.

Other then what I bought today (my first miniature purchases of the year :( sad I know) I got a new Cell Phone at the begining of the month and have been busy playing around with that. Did download a fun game from the Google Play store called Plague Inc that was free (you can either play and win the levels to unlock additional content, or pay to unlock). The premesis behind the game is you have created a disease (depending on the level it is a Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite, Prion, Nano-Virus or Bio-Weapon, you start off with only the Bacteria iirc and have to unlock the others) and you need to evolve it to infect the entire world and kill off all life. It is an all or nothing scenario, so you need to kill every one or you fail. Granted I have ended games with only 109 people left alive, not a truly sustainable population in Greenland, which technically if you wanted to look at it would still result in the extermination of humanity, since they only have what a couple decades before they all die, the game considers it a loss since you didnt kill everyone with the plague.

I know back in Sept, I mentioned I was planning on ordering some more minis, that never happened due to other real life things coming up. I have all my Campaign notes organized, just finishing the editing before I start typing them out. Havent started the Qwik fields/courts yet, havent had much free time to.