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17 December 2012

Colgar6's ATZ Event Cards

Back a few weeks ago I placed an order with a company called ArtsCow for some "playing cards" designed by a fine British Gent named Hugh, aka Colgar6. The cards he designed is a deck of ATZ Event Cards, with 54 different random events. You can find his post on these cards here Colgar6 ATZ Event Cards Final version along with a couple of images. The cards themselves can be ordered from here The Cards themselves just a word of warning you do need to create an account with ArtsCow in order to place an order. As Hugh states in his post ArtsCow does run deals all the time, when I ordered my deck of the cards they had a 30% off your order deal going. When you do register for ArtsCow you do get a number of "free" credits for various products such as 4x6 prints you get 100 credits

I just received mine today and havent had a chance to test them out. I am planning on using these in place of the Random Events table in the ATZ rulebook

The cards them selves are the same size as standard playing cards and coem in a olive green deck box.

Some of the Random Events:

Unlikely Hero- Random Grunt gains all benefits of being a Star for the remainder of the game.

Thousands of Them!- From now on all rolls to attract more Zombies have a +1 modifier to the dice roll.

Armed Zombie!- The nearest Zombie not yet in melee with  human has a melee weapon (impact 2).

Weapon Breaks- The primary weapon of a random character suddenly fall apart and is now useless.

Loved One- The nearest zombie to a random character is recognized as a loved one. The character must take the "zed or no zed" test immediately (even if they've taken and passed it before).

All Quiet- From now on all rolls to attractmore zombies have a -1 modifier to the dice roll.

No more zombies- Each time a new zombie is generated by noise, roll a d6. A result of "6" indicates that this is the last zombie to be created in this manner,  Note that PEF's or unexplored buildings may still result in the placement of fresh zombies.

All in all I whole heartedly recommend these cards to anyone who plays ATZ.

I will try to post pics when I get a chance