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08 February 2013

Order Updates

Well last Friday as I previously posted I ordered some Hero/Horrorclix figures from Troll and Toad, they shipped Monday and arrived yesterday when I was out of the house. Excellent shipping service. Now one one of the figures (Harley Quinn) isnt in the best shape (the fuse on her bomb is cracked where it looks like it could easily break off), though I did order her as a Damaged/Repaired figure so this isnt a complaint. I have started to pop these off the clix bases for mounting to the 25mm round slotted bases (when they arrive) along with starting the repainting of one or two of the figures.

My Order for the 25mm round slotted bases from Hong Kong shipped on the 3rd (the 4th there in Hong Kong, was processed and left the Hong Kong Post for its trip here to the US on the 6th (7th there in  HK). Depending on the US side of everything I could have the bases anytime from Monday on.

Now as an edit to my last post I mentioned I purchased Munchkin Zombies (and the two expansions), well I ended up picking up yesterday the Munchkin Deluxe (regular Munchkin that also comes with 6 plastic munchkin pawns/miniatures (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple and Orange, though the orange one looks more like a dark yellow), 6 additional cards (one for each munchkin pawn in corresponding color with the Male Munchkin on one side and the Female Munchkin on the other to show your characters sex), and a game board for keeping track of your levels, which also has a spot for the door deck, door discard pile, treasure deck and treasure discard pile. In addition I picked up the 3 currently in print Munchkin Holiday boosters of 15 cards each, the Penny Arcade booster, the Skullkickers booster and The Guild booster (Felicia Day who plays Cyd Sherman/Codex is hawt, hey I have a think for geeky redhead babes what can I say, LOL). Last night about 12am I ordered from the Warhouse23 (Steve Jackson Games online store) the Warehouse 23 2011 and 2012 exclusive booster packs that contain an assortment of cards for the various munchkin sets, along with two of the munchkin pins (Black with Blue and Black with Red). Email from SJGs at 0923 this morning said the order has been shipped, must say that was a fast fill and ship if it is true.

I have found that be it the Zombie version of the non-zombie versions, I really enjoy playing Munchkin, especially since it lets me stab my friends in the back and be a complete @sshole, and they cant get pissed at me since its how you play the game. I am planning on getting the Munchkin Apocalypse version along with Munchkin 2-8 expansions, and Munchkin Chthulu (and its expansions) over the next couple months as the funds allow.

02 February 2013

New minis on the way

Well I did someting I know I shouldnt have, I ordered me a bunch of Hero/Horrorclix singles from Troll and Toad (where I previously ordered Horrorclix minis for my Cirque du Infierno gang) to help fill out my human population.

I also ordered 100- 25mm round slotted bases for $10.99 from ebay, the only reason I went with Ebay is because slotted bases are next to impossible to find around here and when I can get them they are the GW ones that come with the 40mm, 60mm and motorcycle bases for $10 or the smaller pack of 10- 25mm round slotted bases for $4.95 (these are a rare find around here and when I can find just the 25mm round slotted bases it is usually only a single pack of them). Almost all my figures other then the Wargames Factory Male Zombies (20mm square bases iirc), the WF Female Zombie Torsos (again 20mm square bases iirc), the Last Night on Earth minis (integrated bases) and some of the Heroclix figures (30mm round lipped bases) are on 25mm round bases (all but the GW Catachan Jungle Squad are on slotted bases) to try and keep everything fairly uniform. The Heroclix on the 30mm bases are the newer ones that were case with a base that then fits onto the 3 pegs on the clix dial base, though the ones I just ordered will be mounted onto 25mm round bases since I am out of the 30mm lipped bases from the Heroclix singles I bought a couple weeks ago (along with the HF, West Wind, Reaper, and Crooked Dice minis) ended up using all the 30mm lipped bases I had in my possession.

The list is as follow (Figure name, #, Set, inteneded use. Note If use is for Cirque du Infierno I am puitting it as Killer clown for simplicities sake, even though the figure might not be a clown, the same goes for possible gangers and civilians, they will be listed as survivors)

The Joker #013 Batman DC Heroclix  - Killer Klown
Amanda Waller #012 Arkham Asylum DC Heroclix- armed survivor
Captain Gordon #031 Arkham Asylum DC Heroclix- armed survivor or police officer
Hitman #022 Arkham Asylum DC Heroclix- armed survivor
Per Degaton #029 Arkham Asylum DC Heroclix - Survivor?
Street Thug #008 Arkham Asylum DC Heroclix -armed survivor
Mugger #006 Web of Spider-Man Marvel Heroclix - armed survivor
The Burglar #105 LE Marvel Heroclix Web of Spider-Man Marvel Heroclix- armed survivor
Arkham Asylum Guard #003 Batman DC Heroclix- police officer
Dick Grayson #027 Batman DC Heroclix- police officer
Sasha Bordeaux #023a Batman DC Heroclix - armed survivor or police detective
Code: Blue Officer #005 Web of Spider-Man Marvel Heroclix- police officer
The Joker Thug #004 Batman DC Heroclix- Killer Clown
Officer Friendly #048 Freakshow HorrorClix- Police Officer
Tattooed Man #076 Freakshow HorrorClix- Killer Clown
Wildman of Borneo #006 Freakshow HorrorClix- Killer Klown
Wolfboy #008 Freakshow HorrorClix- Killer Klown
Daken #031 Web of Spider-Man Marvel Heroclix- Killer Klown
Black Canary #003 Streets of Gotham DC Heroclix- Unarmed Survivor
Mary Jane Watson #030 Web of Spider-Man Marvel Heroclix- Unarmed Survivor
Harley Quinn #035 Experienced DC Heroclix Hypertime- Killer Klown
Thug #014 Experienced Marvel Heroclix Infinity Challenge- Armed Survivor
Professor Xavier #076 Rookie Marvel Heroclix Infinity Challenge- Unarmed Survivor
Tiger Lily #013 Rookie Indy Heroclix- Armed Survivor (ordered 2 not realizing it at the time)

Note: I also picked up a copy of Munchkins Zombie, Munchkins Zombie 2 and Munchkins Zombie 2, and the Munchkins Zombie Kill-o-Meter. As soon as its back in stock at the LGS and I have the money I will be getting the Munchkins Zombie Meat Locker (two card boxes for holding all the cards one for the treasure cards one for the door cards). I am also already looking at getting Munchkins Apocalypse when I have the money to spare.