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26 January 2012

Promised some Backdrop test shots

As promised some backdrop test shots.

The first is the office building setting. I did a staged shot for this setting.
Rita Reporta of Channel 13 (WMCB) interviews Miss Peaches Aplenta on the recent zombie attacks at the Mayhem City Research and Development Building on W. 75th St. While Sgt. Jethro Manning takes aim at another zed, and Mike Stillwater the Channel 13 bodyguard stand guard next to the Channel 13 SUV. The red Motorcycle is a Hot Wheels Ducati 1058 and the Tan vehicl off to the right is a Hot Wheels Beach patrol trike (Can Am Spyder clone) repainted. The SUV is an Ebbles Miniatures M114x4 (now out of print). The satellite dish on the SUV is an Ebbles Miniatures (now Ebbles Lab on the WWG site) a Frontier Farmstead Solar Generator scaled down with a seed bead and wire painted black to represent the feedhorn.

The second is the Brick Building.
James "Got the Shot" Canon, Sgt. Jethro Manning, Rita Reporta, Peaches Aplenta and Mike Stillwater. These names are just ones I created on the fly for this post and do not represent any manes that I may use with them. The Cameraman and Reporter are em4 Miniatures and the other three are Reaper Chronoscope. Jethro Manning is actually Terrel, Zombie Survivor, Peaches is Peacher, Biker Girl, and Mike is Stillwater, Zombie Hunter. As you can see I kept Peaches and Stillwater having their names in this post (with a surname for Peaches and a first name for Stillwater). I do like the name Rita Reporta (or something similar) for the Reporter, as for James gave him the last name Canon (which he will keep unless I get the Recreational Conflict Photographer) since I am a Canon Camera user. If I get another cameraman (or Rec. Conflict Photographer in addition to the one I want that I mentioned above) I will give him a different paint job and probably the last name Nikon.

I am planning on getting more pics taken, with both better lighting and better focus. These were nothing more then some quick test shots to see how the backgrounds looked. As for the interior I am planning on taking some test shots with the Ebbles barracks props (bunks, lockers, tables, Desks) That I currently have printed out. First I want to get all my lighting gear out and make sure the bulbs (I think one or two of them may have been burnt out, plus want to make sure they aren't broke from getting knocked around while they were being move about the house when we were doing painting last winter) are still good, if not I will need to get some new full spectrum bulbs (sometimes called daylight bulbs since they give a closer representation natural lighting from the sun). If I do need to get some new bulbs it will probably be a week or so till I can get more photos taken, will have to wait till next paycheck.

23 January 2012

Proof That I'm Not All Talk

Well here is some proof that I am not all talk about getting something new posted other then a Hey I am still here post.

Knocked together some backdrops for taking pics on.

Two Exterior backdrops

Exterior Office Building backdrop. I did have to support the Building facade with some scrap foamcore so that it would stand up and not fall over. And yes I know the ground tiles aren't perfectly lined up or edged. I will be correcting the edging here shortly. Newspaper boxes and Bench glued down to add depth so everything isn't flat.

Brick exterior w/ flower box, trash can and fence to add some depth so its not completely flat.

One Interior backdrop

Interior, right now plain with no props.

Please ignore the ratty red plastic table cloth, it is only on the table I use as a work station/ computer station for when I am painting so that I wont get paint on the tables surface.

All Wall Textures (Interior and Exterior) are World Works Games, Bits of Mayhem Downtown for the office backdrop and Mayhem Armory (apartment) for the brick home backdrop. Exterior ground and Props are also WWG's. All WWG items are from the older Urban Mayhem sets and not the new TLX sets.

Interior floor is from Jim's Dollhouse Minis.

I am hoping now that I have a decent backdrop (or three) I will be motivated to take pics of all my minis. The Office Exterior w/ road will primarily be used for vehicle pics, where as the other two will be used for minis (interior will also be used for interior props such as tables, lockers, desks, chairs, beds, etc..., where the Brick Exterior and office will be used for outdoor props).

I am going to probably over the next couple days start taking pics of all my minis (and vehicles if I can find where they all are, LOL) on these backdrops.

Edit 23Jan2012 @ 14:00- I have taken a couple test shots on the two exterior bcadrops. I should be posting them either later today or tomorrow.

04 January 2012

New Content finally

Well I finally got off my bum and added some new content, Primary ATZ Characters and Other ATZ Characters pages.

The Primary ATZ Character page will consist of the many group(s) of characters I am/will be playing. right now it has the group that I stated a campaign with back before I started the blog, I believe I played about 4 games with them before other things got in the way. I have modified the back story for the entire group some, along with their bios, initially it was just Doug and Rebecca that were Law Enforcement, with the other two being a civilian and a ganger. James was a civilian doctor (hence giving him the Medic ability), and Mikeala was just a petty crook (nothing major, but decided she should be a ganger due to her having a criminal background). Initially the four of them were in the same building (Doug and Rebecca were there to follow up on a tip) when the SHTF, and ended up remaining together since safety in numbers.

As for the second page Other ATZ characters, these are ones that I have created as an homage to real or fictional individuals, or ones I may use as NPC's in a game. The first two characters are an Homage to Starcraft, being Jim Raynor and Matt Horner, and will more then likely be included as NPCs in my Mackinac Island Campaign set about 2-3 years after the initial outbreak, and take place on the Great Lakes, specifically the Northern parts of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, including the Green Bay area (Green Bay, WI is going to be similar to Lake Havasu City in I, Zombie, meaning it will be a corrupt community where one can buy or sell almost anything from drugs to weapons to even slaves, though while not Ganger run, it will be a haven for many gangers). This campaign will primarily center around a group of survivors living on Mackinac Island (a good lawful settlement that abhors the actions of the gangers, and will regularly police the waters around the island for any ganger activity), when they go out on supply or trading missions. These survivors in the group I will play may or may not be the same ones from my Mayhem City (initial outbreak) Campaign, since I haven't gotten that far yet, only playing a couple games for the initial outbreak.