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23 January 2012

Proof That I'm Not All Talk

Well here is some proof that I am not all talk about getting something new posted other then a Hey I am still here post.

Knocked together some backdrops for taking pics on.

Two Exterior backdrops

Exterior Office Building backdrop. I did have to support the Building facade with some scrap foamcore so that it would stand up and not fall over. And yes I know the ground tiles aren't perfectly lined up or edged. I will be correcting the edging here shortly. Newspaper boxes and Bench glued down to add depth so everything isn't flat.

Brick exterior w/ flower box, trash can and fence to add some depth so its not completely flat.

One Interior backdrop

Interior, right now plain with no props.

Please ignore the ratty red plastic table cloth, it is only on the table I use as a work station/ computer station for when I am painting so that I wont get paint on the tables surface.

All Wall Textures (Interior and Exterior) are World Works Games, Bits of Mayhem Downtown for the office backdrop and Mayhem Armory (apartment) for the brick home backdrop. Exterior ground and Props are also WWG's. All WWG items are from the older Urban Mayhem sets and not the new TLX sets.

Interior floor is from Jim's Dollhouse Minis.

I am hoping now that I have a decent backdrop (or three) I will be motivated to take pics of all my minis. The Office Exterior w/ road will primarily be used for vehicle pics, where as the other two will be used for minis (interior will also be used for interior props such as tables, lockers, desks, chairs, beds, etc..., where the Brick Exterior and office will be used for outdoor props).

I am going to probably over the next couple days start taking pics of all my minis (and vehicles if I can find where they all are, LOL) on these backdrops.

Edit 23Jan2012 @ 14:00- I have taken a couple test shots on the two exterior bcadrops. I should be posting them either later today or tomorrow.


  1. Well done! That looks great. Vampifan uses a backdrop as well and it really makes a difference.

    Hmm....Note to self...Another project!

  2. These are a nice idea, prop sets for your

  3. Good work, Doug. I reinforced my backdrops and ground tiles with foamboard. It makes them nice and sturdy, which is what you want if you're going to be handling them a lot. WWG's textures are probably the best to use. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of your figure collection.

  4. Those are some great backdrops. I like the Office exterior best. Thanks for the tip about Jim's. I've been thinking I'll need new floor textures soon.

  5. Joe- I initially got the link for Jim's from Bryan's blog. It has since been bookmarked as a favorite and added to the links here on this blog.

    I did add one more item to the Office Backdrop a No Parking- Bus Stop sign next to the bench. That will be the last prop added to any of the backdrops, other then for the purpose of taking pics of new props.

  6. nice work, and a great idea, i look forward to some pics

  7. Fantastic work on those and a great idea, backdrops specifically for taking pictures, great job!