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30 January 2011

Some more Ebbles Card Stock Models

I still am short on Card Stock, haven't had a chance to get to the store and pick up more. I did find 4 blank sheets of cardstock that I had tucked away in one of the manila file folders I use to organize my ATZ campaign notes and also for spare parts of my cardstock models (such as the extra wheels for the M11's and the weaposn for said M11s that I didnt use). With these 4 sheets I printed out a copy of the Barrack Prop set off of my Archive DVD from 2007. I primarily wanted to see how they look in the Folding Unit Structures.

Here are 3 pics of the Medium Urban Gray FUS (with doors cut open ala Bryan/Vampifan).

A close up of the table with the laptop

A zoomed out view showing the two double bunks two tables, a desk,and two large lockers. Both doors do open, and the walls are straighter then they look.

Another close up, this time the Cowgirl (Reaper Chronoscopes Ellen Stone Cowgirl) show all the viewers her cleavage, while the Anime Schoolgirl (Reaper Chronoscope Candy, Anime Heroine) hides behind the bunk with her pink hari and pink gun. eM-4's Road Warrior is heading out the door, now what was he doing in the same barracks as two lovely young ladies???

25 January 2011

Sculpting a member of the HazMat team

Well I have decided for my first figure(s) to sculpt someone wearing a HazMat Suit. Its slow going building up layer upon layer of the greenstuff. Heres what I have so far. I stil have work to do smoothing out the suit and finishing the arms and adding hands, along with some other minor details that I plan on adding.

The pose will be the guy holding up his left hand to signal the rest of the team behing him to stop, while he checks the readings of his PDA/Meter/Gieger Counter that he will be holding in the right hand. I have sculpted a tab to the bottom of his feet so he can fit on a Slotted base easily. My biggest holdup is figuring out how/what to sculpt for the gadget he will be holding.

Depending on how this one turns out I am planning on sculpting a couple more HazMat team members (unarmed) and maybe one armed team member. If the do turn out I don't have any plans at this time of getting them cast up, though if I did I would probably be casting them myself out of resin.

19 January 2011

Exploring Unfamiliar Territories

I am going to engage in the exploration of an unfamiliar territory (to me at least). I am going to try my hand at sculpting my own figures. My inspiration comes from Bryan and the sculpts he has done and shown off over on his Blog  and some of the sculpts people have done on the Lead Adventure Forums The main source of information on sculpting comes from the tutorial by Jason Miller over on Matakishi's Tea House Warning The Tutorial Guide does contain Nudity, both Male and Female Warning

Right now I have two test heads started. they measure 6.78mm H x 5.64mm w for the face of the one and 5.55mm H x 5.26mm W for the other one.The larger head was my first one and I sculpted it with an open mouth and deeper sunken eye sockets, this one I will try and sculpt into a zombie head. The face on the smaller head sort of reminds me of a sweet little old ladies face (minus the wrinkles). I also have two test bodies that I started to sculpt before looking for tutorials on how to sculpt miniatures, as such they are humanoid in shape but obviously they are too disproportionately to be humans or even zombies. I am chalking these up as experiments on getting a hang for working with greenstuff.

I do plan on ordering some various weapons such as Hasslefree's M16, MP5 and Mac-10 so that I don't have to try and sculpt my own weapons. I figure if I take about a week or two on each step I should have a usable figure two sometime this summer.

I will try to update this post with a pic or two of the heads as they are now when I get a chance.

As promised some sample pics

The beginnings of a Zombie????

Again sorry pics aren't of better quality, still have all might lighting gear packed up and buried in the other room.

08 January 2011

Ebbles Miniatures Redux

As previously mentioned I have been busy building some of the Ebbles Miniature models. So far I have a couple of the M11 4x4's and M9 6x6 vehicles from the Archive DVD built along with some of the newer GPV (JeepVee) 4x4's and the Folding Unit Structures.

First Up some of the Folding Unit Structures:
Large FUS Side- Helo Drab

Large FUS Front (Back side is the exact same) Helo Drab.  The Helo Drab FUS has the Ebbles Miniatures logo on both the front and back to the right of the door.

Large FUS Side- Urban Gray

Large FUS Front/Back- Urban Gray

Small FUS Front (the back side is only a wall with two windows, no door)- Urban Gray

Small FUS Front- Urban Gray next to a Desert Pink GPV 4x4 (this will be the vehicle used by my Reaper Chronoscope Anime Heroines)

Small FUS Front- Urban Gray with Ebbles Sign next to Desert Pink GPV 4x4

Small FUS Side- Urban Gray again next to Desert Pink GPV 4x4

Now on to some of the vehicle models I have built:
M9 6x6 with turret- Helo Drab. For this I actually placed the turret off center on purpose, as you can see why in the following photos

M9 again with turret

M9 with turret mounting location

M9 with additional cupola instead of turret

M9 with Missile/Rocket launcher in place of the cupola or the turret

M11 4x4 UN Scheme w/ Missile launcher next to Prototype Black GPV

M11 UN scheme and Black GPV again, notice in back between the two the HMG with magnet on the base of the platform. Magnets are used to mount the various weapons (and the cupola and turret on the M9) to the vehicles

Showing off the license plates I made UN01 for the UN and 359 LPM for the GPV, I am trying to add a different plate number to all the vehicles, both card stock, styrene (plastic) and die cast (metal).

More M11 license plates. Top Black M11 ZED SLR, Bottom Left Helo Drab US13A, Bottom Right Police scheme P0L1C3

M11 Helo Drab w/ Missle Launcher

M11 Helo Drab w/ Missile Launcher rotated off to side, this is the advantage of using magnets to mount the weapons, you don't have to keep them in a fixed position and can have then rotate 360 degrees.

I do have to go back and finish edging all the models, they white doesn't look as bad in real life, since I was using a small pop up on camera flash it hilighted every little white spot on the models.

I do have another M9, a couple more M11's and a Medium FUS assembled along with some of the M.A.S.H. Containers found at to further populate my Military Outpost/Refugee center. I am also planning on using the FUS as a survivors community further on in my campaigns.

03 January 2011

Progress Report

Figured since I have been busy since the Holidays I would give you small Progress Report on what I have been doing.

I will start off with my figure count:

Survivors/Gangers/Military/Law Enforcement Miniatures- 46 consisting of Flying Frog's Last Night on Earth and Growing Hunger expansion Survivors, Zombiesmith Breathers, A couple Hero/Horrorclix figures, eM4 figures and Reaper Chronoscope Survivors                         Painted-44    Unpainted and Primed-2   Unpainted Unprimed (aka still in package/assembly started or getting flash cleaned up)- 0
Zombies- 55 (56 if I can find the one I know I have that is missing) Consisting of Zombiesmith, Reaper Chronoscope, Wargames Factory, and a couple Horrorclix              Painted 55 (56 if the missing one is found)   Unpainted and Primed- 0     Unpainted and Unprimed- 0

Ragers- 2 consisting of Mantic Ghouls       Painted 2    Unpainted and Primed-0    Unpainted and Unprimed -0

Chupacabra- 1 Consisint of a Reaper Chronoscope figure      Painted-1      Unpainted-0    Unpainted and Unprimed-0

PEFs- 5 Made using Twilight Creatiosn Human Pawns for their game Humans   Painted-5   Unpainted and Primed- 0     Unpainted and Unprimed- 0

Total Figure Count- 107 (108 if missing figure is found)   Painted- 105   Unpainted and Primed- 2   Unpainted and Unprimed- 0

The two unpainted and primed figures are brand new purchased obtained earlier today. They are both Reaper Chronoscope figures, the first is their Not-Alice, Mira Post Apocalyptic Heroine and the second one is Bobby Jo, Redneck Princess.  Mira comes with three options for the hands (each hand has one of the three options so you can mix and match options if you so want to), you can have a Kukri knife in both hands, a Flintlock style pistol in either hand, or a Modern day styled Automatic (Auto Loading Pistols think along the lines of a M1911, M9, Glock, etc...), I chose the to model her with the Automatics, I did shave her hands off of the Kukri Knives and sculpted a little green stuff around the blades so they look like they are in some sort of sheath, once the green stuff cures I will be affixing these to Mira's lower back. While the modification is a small one it will be my first real mod (other then swapping a Reaper Chronoscope Frank Russo head for a Wargames Factory head on one of the WF plastic Zombies).

Now what has been keeping me busy is the Ebbles 2003-2010 Archive DVD, Ebbles Jeepvee and Onager. Right now I have a small fleet of Ebbles M11's build along with an M9 and one Jeepvee. I also have one M3619 Folding Unit Structure (Medium) built. Printed out I have 2 more M9's, 1 Jeepvee, and 2 Onagers. When I get more ink for my printer and more cardstock I will be printing out the 2005 and 2010 UD-41's. With all the cutting and scoring I have been doing the last week and a half or so, I am really starting to want a Craft Robo/ Silhouette cutting machine, maybe I will get one in the next couple months if I have a decent income tax return.

I have noticed for the Ebbles models I have built so far the M11's rear bumpers look like they have a place for a License Plate, I have made some up using scrap cardstock. Some examples of the plates on my vehicles The UN M11- UN01, the Helo Drab M11- US13A, Helo Drab M9- USA 01, the Police M11- P0L1C3 (for those who don't read Leet Speak it reads POLICE), the Die-cast 1/42 scale  Police Car- C0P1, the die-cast US Mail truck- MA1L (MAIL), the Black M11- ZED SLR (ZED SLayeR), I also have about 2 dozen other custom made license plates made with scrap cardstock that range from standard plate numbers (here in teh US at least) such as BLM 147, PGT 163, STR 536, 159 DRV, etc... to custom (vanity) plates such as HUNTER, N0 ZED, ZOM DED (ZOMbie DEaD), UN 1, C0P, LAW, B1G 1, etc... Thes plates are nothing fancy just plain white rectangles with black Lettering/Numbering. I am planning on purchasing the Desert Pink JeepVee for use in my ATZ games, it will be the vehicle used by Reaper Chronoscopes Sugar and Candy, Anime Heroines, not sure what I will have as their License Plate, thinking could have AN1M3 (ANIME), Z1LLA (godZILLA), MOTHRA, FCLC (the title of an actual anime series, the name is pronounced Fooly Cooly), or SA1LR MN (SAILeR MooN). I will most likely be getting the Desert Pink JeepVee (along with the other schemes I haven't bought yet) and all the rest of the Onager schemes that I dont have yet, later this week along with more cardstock and ink for the printer and of course more glue.