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03 January 2011

Progress Report

Figured since I have been busy since the Holidays I would give you small Progress Report on what I have been doing.

I will start off with my figure count:

Survivors/Gangers/Military/Law Enforcement Miniatures- 46 consisting of Flying Frog's Last Night on Earth and Growing Hunger expansion Survivors, Zombiesmith Breathers, A couple Hero/Horrorclix figures, eM4 figures and Reaper Chronoscope Survivors                         Painted-44    Unpainted and Primed-2   Unpainted Unprimed (aka still in package/assembly started or getting flash cleaned up)- 0
Zombies- 55 (56 if I can find the one I know I have that is missing) Consisting of Zombiesmith, Reaper Chronoscope, Wargames Factory, and a couple Horrorclix              Painted 55 (56 if the missing one is found)   Unpainted and Primed- 0     Unpainted and Unprimed- 0

Ragers- 2 consisting of Mantic Ghouls       Painted 2    Unpainted and Primed-0    Unpainted and Unprimed -0

Chupacabra- 1 Consisint of a Reaper Chronoscope figure      Painted-1      Unpainted-0    Unpainted and Unprimed-0

PEFs- 5 Made using Twilight Creatiosn Human Pawns for their game Humans   Painted-5   Unpainted and Primed- 0     Unpainted and Unprimed- 0

Total Figure Count- 107 (108 if missing figure is found)   Painted- 105   Unpainted and Primed- 2   Unpainted and Unprimed- 0

The two unpainted and primed figures are brand new purchased obtained earlier today. They are both Reaper Chronoscope figures, the first is their Not-Alice, Mira Post Apocalyptic Heroine and the second one is Bobby Jo, Redneck Princess.  Mira comes with three options for the hands (each hand has one of the three options so you can mix and match options if you so want to), you can have a Kukri knife in both hands, a Flintlock style pistol in either hand, or a Modern day styled Automatic (Auto Loading Pistols think along the lines of a M1911, M9, Glock, etc...), I chose the to model her with the Automatics, I did shave her hands off of the Kukri Knives and sculpted a little green stuff around the blades so they look like they are in some sort of sheath, once the green stuff cures I will be affixing these to Mira's lower back. While the modification is a small one it will be my first real mod (other then swapping a Reaper Chronoscope Frank Russo head for a Wargames Factory head on one of the WF plastic Zombies).

Now what has been keeping me busy is the Ebbles 2003-2010 Archive DVD, Ebbles Jeepvee and Onager. Right now I have a small fleet of Ebbles M11's build along with an M9 and one Jeepvee. I also have one M3619 Folding Unit Structure (Medium) built. Printed out I have 2 more M9's, 1 Jeepvee, and 2 Onagers. When I get more ink for my printer and more cardstock I will be printing out the 2005 and 2010 UD-41's. With all the cutting and scoring I have been doing the last week and a half or so, I am really starting to want a Craft Robo/ Silhouette cutting machine, maybe I will get one in the next couple months if I have a decent income tax return.

I have noticed for the Ebbles models I have built so far the M11's rear bumpers look like they have a place for a License Plate, I have made some up using scrap cardstock. Some examples of the plates on my vehicles The UN M11- UN01, the Helo Drab M11- US13A, Helo Drab M9- USA 01, the Police M11- P0L1C3 (for those who don't read Leet Speak it reads POLICE), the Die-cast 1/42 scale  Police Car- C0P1, the die-cast US Mail truck- MA1L (MAIL), the Black M11- ZED SLR (ZED SLayeR), I also have about 2 dozen other custom made license plates made with scrap cardstock that range from standard plate numbers (here in teh US at least) such as BLM 147, PGT 163, STR 536, 159 DRV, etc... to custom (vanity) plates such as HUNTER, N0 ZED, ZOM DED (ZOMbie DEaD), UN 1, C0P, LAW, B1G 1, etc... Thes plates are nothing fancy just plain white rectangles with black Lettering/Numbering. I am planning on purchasing the Desert Pink JeepVee for use in my ATZ games, it will be the vehicle used by Reaper Chronoscopes Sugar and Candy, Anime Heroines, not sure what I will have as their License Plate, thinking could have AN1M3 (ANIME), Z1LLA (godZILLA), MOTHRA, FCLC (the title of an actual anime series, the name is pronounced Fooly Cooly), or SA1LR MN (SAILeR MooN). I will most likely be getting the Desert Pink JeepVee (along with the other schemes I haven't bought yet) and all the rest of the Onager schemes that I dont have yet, later this week along with more cardstock and ink for the printer and of course more glue.


  1. Good work, Doug. You're ahead of the game on me when it comes to number plates. WWG usually but not always provide number plates with their vehicles. This is fine if you're making just one of them but when making multiples they all end up with the same plate. Sometime in the future I'll make every one of my vehicles have a unique plate. The idea of doing personalised plates appeals to me greatly. Vampirella can have VAMP1. A Nosferatu can have NOS4R2 (I love that one!) Anyway, good luck on your project. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Got more ink for the printer today, but unfortunately can't print anything off on the computer. Half the house is without power, luckily though we still have the furnace and power in the kitchen. Just don't have power for the bedrooms or computers.

  3. Got power back, turns out it was a bad fuse, my dad purchased some brand new ones to replace those that had blown and one fo the new one was bad right from the start, the guy from the power company that came out said its not as uncommon as one thinks, all it takes is the fuse to get knocked about just right and the metal tab in it breaks, and just looking at the fuse you cant tell due to the style of it.

    I now need more ink, been printing out the Ebbles Folding Unit Structures anda couple of the JeepVees and am now out of Colored Ink, where before it was black (bough an XL capacity black ink cartridge so it should last a little longer). Will have to wait a couple weeks before I can even think of getting a color ink cartridge, what money i do have is going to need to go towards a bill.