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18 July 2011

Mayhem City Broadcasting Company- WMBC Channel 13 News

Well after deciding in my last post that I would call the TV Station (and Radio Stations) Operated by Mayhem (City) Broadcasting Company WMBC, I needed a vehicle for the News team. I have the eM4 Female Reporter and Cameraman for the team. The vehicle I have for them right now is the now Out of Print Ebbles Miniatures M11 4x4 (pulled it off the also now Out of Print Ebbles Archive DVD that I purchased back before Christmas 2010), I chose the Grey version for the News team. For the transmitting equipment I tried to see if I could find a Satellite dish on the Ebbles Archive DVD, unfortunately i wasn't able to, so I went with the Helios Thermosolar Generator from the 2008 Farmstead set on the DVD, since it looks like it might pass as a satellite dish of a sort.

I am planning on building a Jeepvee 4x4 also for the News team, as a newer vehicle, that the Channel 13's top reporter will use.

Here's some pics of the cardstock model with the eM4 Female reporter and cameraman (along with some eM4 Bikers as security) for scale, and one of the Ebbles Helios Solar Generators that is a stand alone unit.

The Channel 13 News team with their new ride and some body guards.

The News team close up. Note the Helios Solar Generator (Helios Satellite Transmitter/Receiver) on the M11's roof.

Another Helios "Satellite Transmistter/Receiver". This one received a small mod, I added the "antenna" you see on most satellite dishes, its made from a piece of wire bent into a U shape and a seed bead.

Just a small note the Helios Thermosolar Generators were printed at a Reduced scale. When printing I chose the option for multiple pages to be printed on one page, and had it selected for 4 pages. Since this is only a one page model it only printed in the top left corner of the page, feeding the page through the printer 3 more times, with each time feeding a different edge netter me 4 of the generators on one piece of cardstock, more then enough for the New Team, with an extra one or two for use by the Military or even a community of survivors who use it to communicate with other pockets of Humanity.

14 July 2011

Small WIP sampling

As many of us know the Bachman Plasticville buildings are a great source for modern looking buildings on our gaming tables. Unfortunately some of the more desirable ones are currently Out of Print, like the TV Station.

Now over on the Lead Adventures Forums one of the members zizi666 posted a link to a template based on the Plasticville TV station, granted it isnt a 100% copy of the actual product, though it is close enough.

I downloaded the template and decided to build a mock up of the TV Station out of some cheap Dollar Store foamcore.

Here are some picks of the mock ups:

Basic Plain Jane build of the TV Station from the template, please not I haven't done anything with the windows other then leave them open. If I decide to actually keep this building, both windows will be done with some clear plastic from a blister pack, the door will also likely be made out of the blister pack plastic. This was built primarily as a mock up so the painting of it is rough, wanted to give it some contrast for the pictures instead of having it all while. If I do use this the painting will be more finished so that the window frames aren't bare white foam (interior is painted GW Skull White), and the roof/ceiling will be all black. Roof is removable so you can easily place a figure or two in the building. I will be using the THW Building Interior rules for the TV Station.

The second one I built I did a small modification to as you can see
I opened the front and right side window some more and added a counter out of foamcore. This building will be used as the Office/rental Shack for a Miniature Golf course, a Go Kart Track or as a Concession Stand, or as a combination when used with a Mini Golf Course, you can pay for a round of mini golf, then after you and your date are done playing, grab a hot dog bag of chips and a pop/soda or an ice cream. I am planning on making a small wire basket filled with seed beads to represent the golf balls, and I may look into seeing if any company produces putters in 28mm, if not I may sculpt one with wire and greenstuff, then try my hand at casting the putters up. Again this one also has a rough paint job, if actually used I will give it a more finished paint job. Roof is also removable. I am still undecided if I will be using the THW Building Interior rules for this building or if I will play it as is.

Miniature used above to show the scale is the eM4 Camera Man.

If this works you can find the template by Zizi666 here

I have decided that for the TV Station it will be operated by Mayhem Broadcasting Corporation, and will function as a TV and Radio Station, both AM and FM, with the Call Letters WMCB (W is since its located east of the Mississippi River her eint eh United States and MCB for Mayhem City Broadcasting). It will operate on Channel 13 for WMCB-TV, for WMCB-FM it is on station 103.9 (My favorite Flint area Radio Station is 103.9FM, so figured I would give them a small nod in my games), and WMCB located at 600AM on the dial (there is a local Flint AM station that uses 600AM but I couldn't tell you what it is since I rarely, as in almost never, listen to AM radio). I am trying to decide if I want to write some background fluff for Mayhem City Broadcasting,  if I do I don't know if I will have them as their own independent company or as a subsidiary of Castle Pharmaceuticals, I am leaning more towards an independent company so I can have them investigating some rumors on Castle Pharmaceuticals in the fluff.

09 July 2011

New page(s)

I just added right to the left of the main blog page a section for new pages related to the content on my Blog. The first new page is a consolidation of the Castle Pharmaceuticals fluff that I previously posted. More will be added as I work on more fluff for Castle Pharmaceuticals (primarily the White Rook Experiments).

I also plan on adding a page for other fictional businesses in my campaigns, this will be multiple businesses on one page unless they are a major business like Castle Pharmaceuticals or Mayhem Scientific Research and Development, Inc. (MSRD will be getting its own post eventually, if I haven't already posted the fluff for the company).

I am also thinking of adding a page for the main characters in my Campaigns once they get going. The page will be in the following format:

Name of Character
Starting Rep/Current Rep
Starting Class/Current Class
Weapons (if any)
Misc. Equipment/Loot (both starting and found)
Characters background fluff (if I have provided any)

An example character:
Rep 5
Military/Law Enforcement
Born Leader, Stone Cold
Semi Auto Rifle w/ Scope and Silencer, BA Pistol, SMG, Knife
Equipment/Loot: Tactical Vest (Counts as Body Armor/Protection)
Doug is a former Solder in the Army, serving 8 years active duty as part of a Ranger Unit, upon leaving the military he took the job as the head of Mayhem PD's S.W.A.T. Unit as a favor to long time childhood friend Commissioner William Johnson, to help clean up the corruption from the former SWAT commander. Once settled in Doug hired Rebecca Chase, a fellow Army Ranger (in my alternate reality Women are also able to serve in the military in combat related positions such as Infantry), to act as his second in command and as the Team Sniper, reprising her role from the Army. Doug then announced that there were to be open qualifications for all positions on the SWAT team, any mayhem PD Officer was eligible to try out for the team, and all current SWAT members would have to compete in the qualifications if they wished to remain on the team. With the new Team formed the SWATs corruption was gone, and they preformed valorously on many calls. Doug operated the Team like a well trained Military Unit, requiring each member, himself included to qualify on all weapons they might use 4 times a year, the exception was Rebecca, her qualifications came through the Military and Law Enforcement Sniper Competitions she participated in, typically one per month around the nation. Doug also procured a 150 acre plot of land that the city obtained through a Drug Bust 4 miles outside the city limits, for use as a training Facility for the SWAT, with funds from Drug Busts, Police Auctions, fund raising and donations, the facility was built with, 2 repelling towers (200ft tall each), 8 different shooting ranges (6 of which are ranging from 25yards to 1000yards, 2 are set up for stages, such as starting at 200 yards with rifle, walking towards the target and firing, reloading behind a screen and then moving an shooting to a second screen where the individuals will then pull out hand guns and then continue to move and shoot at the target), 3 houses, 1 small Apartment complex (2 stories, 20 apartments, plus office and a rec room), a Small Store/Bank (could be configured as either depending on training session) and a small school (two Story, 15 classrooms, a gym and cafeteria), all bare walls, limited furniture, fully wired (for lighting, camera surveillance, and limited controlled pyrotechnics) and no plumbing (other then the sprinkler system and hoses in case of a fire), for use in the training sessions. Within 2 years of completion the facility gained national recognition for the training preformed there and soon had SWAT units from across the nation requesting access for training. Doug has since hired a staff consisting of personnel from the military and other SWAT units to function as the the facilities training staff and to handle the scheduling of other SWAT units then Mayhem PD's. The Mayhem SWAT routinely while not on duty, train along side members of other SWAT units, and also assist in the training of the other SWAT units as needed. Due to the fencing around the Facility, and the supplies stocked there (food, water, weapons and ammo, since it wasn't uncommon for the Mayhem PD SWAT to stay there over night and on weekends training, they stayed in the Villa, the house that was originally located on the property) Doug has used the facility as a base of operations for the survivors of the SWAT team and any other survivors they may have come across. each training building has had the pyrotechnics system disabled and is now set up to house the survivors, with the "Villa" functioning as the housing for the SWAT along with the dining facility and Doug's office for planning resupply and rescue missions. All resources recovered are cataloged and then stored in the facilities secure storage.

Please Note that the fluff above for Doug is slightly different then what I will be using for my Star, primarily the part about the 150 acre training facility. In my campaign the Mayhem PD SWAT uses the MOUT training facility at Fort Liberty (a fictional Military base located outside Liberty City, both named for a fictional Civil War Colonel, who initially used his land where the base is located to train a fictional Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment at the beginning of the Civil War), approximately 15 miles south of Mayhem City. And until I actually get the campaign going I wont know where Doug has his base of operations set up.

01 July 2011

New goodness

Well i am finally getting some time to post some actual new content. Picked up the  Hasslefree Miniatures (Mantic licensed product) Adventurers: Juveniles today. the set included Hasslefree Miniatures figures: Palin, Parker, Katie, Peter, and Rose. Sorry in advance about the poor quality of the photos, took quick shots of the minis with my cell phone and forgot to have the flash on the phone turned on. Wanted to get quick pics taken so I could at least have some new content. I will try to get better pics later.

From Left to Right: Rose, Parker, Peter, Katie, and Palin.

Close up of Katies Trash can lid. Tried to make it look like on of the Captain America shields. Fluff wise going to say that Peter or Palin painted it before they gave it to her.

I also picked up some Heroclix. They are the new Captain America figures, released as random singles heres 3 of the 5 I got:
From left to Right: Nick Fury (S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, only repainted his weapons), Sin (Hydra Agent, repainted her skin with reaper propaints Caucasion flesh, her hair which was originally a bright red to a dark brown, and her Bodice which was red and black to maroon, along with her gun) and Howling Commando (dont ask the faction, no repaint other then the weapon).
The other two Heroclix figures were a Hydra officer (still on original base and original paint job) and a Captain America (the James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes capt. America not the Steve Rogers one, still on the base, I may end up doing a head swap, getting rid of the Capt. America cowl, and repaint, turning the shield into a street sign instead of the Capt. America shield.).