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18 July 2011

Mayhem City Broadcasting Company- WMBC Channel 13 News

Well after deciding in my last post that I would call the TV Station (and Radio Stations) Operated by Mayhem (City) Broadcasting Company WMBC, I needed a vehicle for the News team. I have the eM4 Female Reporter and Cameraman for the team. The vehicle I have for them right now is the now Out of Print Ebbles Miniatures M11 4x4 (pulled it off the also now Out of Print Ebbles Archive DVD that I purchased back before Christmas 2010), I chose the Grey version for the News team. For the transmitting equipment I tried to see if I could find a Satellite dish on the Ebbles Archive DVD, unfortunately i wasn't able to, so I went with the Helios Thermosolar Generator from the 2008 Farmstead set on the DVD, since it looks like it might pass as a satellite dish of a sort.

I am planning on building a Jeepvee 4x4 also for the News team, as a newer vehicle, that the Channel 13's top reporter will use.

Here's some pics of the cardstock model with the eM4 Female reporter and cameraman (along with some eM4 Bikers as security) for scale, and one of the Ebbles Helios Solar Generators that is a stand alone unit.

The Channel 13 News team with their new ride and some body guards.

The News team close up. Note the Helios Solar Generator (Helios Satellite Transmitter/Receiver) on the M11's roof.

Another Helios "Satellite Transmistter/Receiver". This one received a small mod, I added the "antenna" you see on most satellite dishes, its made from a piece of wire bent into a U shape and a seed bead.

Just a small note the Helios Thermosolar Generators were printed at a Reduced scale. When printing I chose the option for multiple pages to be printed on one page, and had it selected for 4 pages. Since this is only a one page model it only printed in the top left corner of the page, feeding the page through the printer 3 more times, with each time feeding a different edge netter me 4 of the generators on one piece of cardstock, more then enough for the New Team, with an extra one or two for use by the Military or even a community of survivors who use it to communicate with other pockets of Humanity.


  1. First thing that I noticed, Doug, is that you chose Big Sil and Angie as your biker bodyguards. Ha, ha, nice one!
    I like your choice of vehicle and colour scheme. The satellite dish on the roof works very well and, again, is a good choice.
    Slightly off topic, but have you seen the stuff Mel is working on over at WWG? His new sci-fi cars are divine and should be on sale very soon when the new WWG webstore opens.

  2. Superb. Have you considered making a WMBC Channel 13 News logo in digital format?

  3. Team Vampifan needs some extra cash, and got a job. I see no problem!

    Nice work mate

  4. Bryan- Was debating between using the "Big Sil and Angie" em4 Biker figures or a Reapers Chronoscope's Mira (Not Alice/Milla) and El en Stone Cowgirl as the bodyguards. The eM4 figures won out since they were right there on hand when I took the pics. And as for Chris's sci-fi cars he is working on for WWG, yup been following his blog, they look good, but a little to futuristic for me, the Hotel tower he did as a 24 hour project challenge looks interesting, if he releases it either through his blog or WWG I might get it for a Mayhem City hotel (the owners had it designed to look futuristic to draw more customers in).

    Adam- I do plan on trying to make a WMBC Channel 13 in digital format, the signs on the doors are just placeholders and affixed with the Scotch Restickable Glue Stick until I can design a better logo.

    I did add one of the antenna do hickies (yes I know they have a technical term but don't know what it is right now) to the dish on the M11. I also built on of the Solar Generators in full size to use as the TV Station itself. Since they are branded Helios I am now thinking of adding Helios Communications to my list of fictional businesses. Helios will be a company that manufactures communication equipment such as Cell Phones, Radios (both two way communication Radios and Radios for listening to radio stations), etc...

  5. Wow i'm really getting impressed with all these card vehicles i'm finding. Will have to consider getting some. Nice work

  6. Brummie- The Ebbles Models (The M11 above, along with some of the other Ebbles cardstock models I have previously posted) are currently out of print. Some of Chris Roe's (aka Mel Ebbles of Ebbles Miniatures), later stuff is planned on being re-released, with updated textures through World Works Games now that they have their new storefront up and running.

    World Works Games does have some great cardstock models available in both the older format (Urban Mayhem) and the new TLX format (Mayhem TLX). I own most the original Urban Mayhem sets other then the Junkyard and Urban Grind, and I do plan on purchasing both of these (along with the Horrorworks Cathedrea Noctis, its retrofit, and Wildwoods Grove) in addition to the new TLX sets when I have the spare money available.

    If you check out Vampifans World of the Undead (link found off to the left of the page under my Blog List), Bryan (Vampifan) has some great layoiuts of his cardstock models, most are made with the WWG's stuff, with an Ebbles model thrown in here and there.