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14 July 2011

Small WIP sampling

As many of us know the Bachman Plasticville buildings are a great source for modern looking buildings on our gaming tables. Unfortunately some of the more desirable ones are currently Out of Print, like the TV Station.

Now over on the Lead Adventures Forums one of the members zizi666 posted a link to a template based on the Plasticville TV station, granted it isnt a 100% copy of the actual product, though it is close enough.

I downloaded the template and decided to build a mock up of the TV Station out of some cheap Dollar Store foamcore.

Here are some picks of the mock ups:

Basic Plain Jane build of the TV Station from the template, please not I haven't done anything with the windows other then leave them open. If I decide to actually keep this building, both windows will be done with some clear plastic from a blister pack, the door will also likely be made out of the blister pack plastic. This was built primarily as a mock up so the painting of it is rough, wanted to give it some contrast for the pictures instead of having it all while. If I do use this the painting will be more finished so that the window frames aren't bare white foam (interior is painted GW Skull White), and the roof/ceiling will be all black. Roof is removable so you can easily place a figure or two in the building. I will be using the THW Building Interior rules for the TV Station.

The second one I built I did a small modification to as you can see
I opened the front and right side window some more and added a counter out of foamcore. This building will be used as the Office/rental Shack for a Miniature Golf course, a Go Kart Track or as a Concession Stand, or as a combination when used with a Mini Golf Course, you can pay for a round of mini golf, then after you and your date are done playing, grab a hot dog bag of chips and a pop/soda or an ice cream. I am planning on making a small wire basket filled with seed beads to represent the golf balls, and I may look into seeing if any company produces putters in 28mm, if not I may sculpt one with wire and greenstuff, then try my hand at casting the putters up. Again this one also has a rough paint job, if actually used I will give it a more finished paint job. Roof is also removable. I am still undecided if I will be using the THW Building Interior rules for this building or if I will play it as is.

Miniature used above to show the scale is the eM4 Camera Man.

If this works you can find the template by Zizi666 here

I have decided that for the TV Station it will be operated by Mayhem Broadcasting Corporation, and will function as a TV and Radio Station, both AM and FM, with the Call Letters WMCB (W is since its located east of the Mississippi River her eint eh United States and MCB for Mayhem City Broadcasting). It will operate on Channel 13 for WMCB-TV, for WMCB-FM it is on station 103.9 (My favorite Flint area Radio Station is 103.9FM, so figured I would give them a small nod in my games), and WMCB located at 600AM on the dial (there is a local Flint AM station that uses 600AM but I couldn't tell you what it is since I rarely, as in almost never, listen to AM radio). I am trying to decide if I want to write some background fluff for Mayhem City Broadcasting,  if I do I don't know if I will have them as their own independent company or as a subsidiary of Castle Pharmaceuticals, I am leaning more towards an independent company so I can have them investigating some rumors on Castle Pharmaceuticals in the fluff.


  1. I like the counter idea!

    Seems easy to do also...

  2. Shinto- These are fairly close to what the actual Plasticville version looks like, well other then the lack of details (such as brick work pattern, the letters on the sign, window frames int he windows, etc...), and the fact that the foamcore roof warped on me.

    Johnny- The counter was easy to do all I did was take a spare strip of foam core and cut it to fit the length of the window, then glued it flush to the bottom of the window. I am thinking of trying to scratch one of the metal gates that I can attach to the Mini Golf building to cover the windows, maybe have a slit cut out as a firing port, and then having it as a base of operations for a small group in my ATZ games.

  3. Doug, this is great and that forum link is appreciated. Thank you.

  4. You're off to a good start and I can't wait to see how these turn out.
    For what it's worth, I'd make the MBC an independant company. Someone needs to investigate Castle Pharmaceuticals... and I don't think the Scooby Gang are going to be up to the task!

  5. Bryan- In my game universe you have the MGCIS (Military and Government Criminal Investigative Service), a multinational "police force" (think something akin to a Global Police Force) , who's primary duty is to investigate supposed crimes committed worldwide by the worlds Militaries and governments, and with the rise of large Multinational Corporations, the MGCIS now investigates them, since in some nations (mostly smaller ones) the Corporation is the governing body.

    I was thinking that the MBC would do more of an Investigative Journalism on the various rumors surrounding Castle Pharmaceuticals, though if they are/were able to uncover dirty secrets is another story (other then maybe Castle pushing the approval of a new drug through the FDA without disclosing all the possible side effects, something that happens even today with real world pharmaceutical companies).

    I am thinking of using some of the WWG textures for the exterior and interior of the buildings, will just need to see what I have in my Urban Mayhem files that is suitable, though for the interiors I may use the link Bryan (Vampifan) has on his site to Jim's Dollhouse Minis for the interior wallpaper.