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01 July 2011

New goodness

Well i am finally getting some time to post some actual new content. Picked up the  Hasslefree Miniatures (Mantic licensed product) Adventurers: Juveniles today. the set included Hasslefree Miniatures figures: Palin, Parker, Katie, Peter, and Rose. Sorry in advance about the poor quality of the photos, took quick shots of the minis with my cell phone and forgot to have the flash on the phone turned on. Wanted to get quick pics taken so I could at least have some new content. I will try to get better pics later.

From Left to Right: Rose, Parker, Peter, Katie, and Palin.

Close up of Katies Trash can lid. Tried to make it look like on of the Captain America shields. Fluff wise going to say that Peter or Palin painted it before they gave it to her.

I also picked up some Heroclix. They are the new Captain America figures, released as random singles heres 3 of the 5 I got:
From left to Right: Nick Fury (S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, only repainted his weapons), Sin (Hydra Agent, repainted her skin with reaper propaints Caucasion flesh, her hair which was originally a bright red to a dark brown, and her Bodice which was red and black to maroon, along with her gun) and Howling Commando (dont ask the faction, no repaint other then the weapon).
The other two Heroclix figures were a Hydra officer (still on original base and original paint job) and a Captain America (the James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes capt. America not the Steve Rogers one, still on the base, I may end up doing a head swap, getting rid of the Capt. America cowl, and repaint, turning the shield into a street sign instead of the Capt. America shield.).


  1. like the shield good job. can totally see a kid using that and painting it

  2. The juvenile set is great! Well done mate!!!

  3. They're a very useful set of figures to have, Doug. I do like the redesigned figure of Rose, which I know is only available with your boxed set and can't be bought separately at HF's webstore.

  4. Bryan- I hadn't realized that the rose in the Hasslefree/Mantic set was different, probably due to the Hasslefree catalog being down on the website while they do the restructuring to qualify as a Limited Corporation under teh British laws.

    Mike- Yeah I know I could have probably painted the Capt. America shield on the trash can lid were it looked more like perfect circles and a perfect star but hey it was painted by a kid so of course the circles will be messy, plus in the Zompocalypse you aren't going to go for a perfect paint job, just something that you think looks cool.

    Johnny- Yeah the Juvenile set is great. Miniatures of children seem to be severely lacking, same goes for zombie kids, I am planning on getting the rest of the Hasslefree Kids when I am able to (along with other Hasslefree figures). I am thinking I may need to hold of on additional survivors, and focus on Military/Law enforcement miniatures and more Zombies.

  5. Nice one Doug. Glad to have you 'back' adding content sir.

  6. Thanks Adam. Since today is a Holiday here in the States (4th of July, American Independence Day) I am using today to touch up the miniatures I have painted and then seal them with some matte spray finish. Right now is perfect its about 75F here and the humidity isn't that bad either.

    Don't know when my next post with new stuff will be though. Going to try and have it either later this week or next week if everything works out. I will probably post some of the pics of my Copplestone casting Bio-Chem Squad and Zombie Troopers.