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11 September 2012

New Stuff coming soon (hopefully)

Well hopefully this Friday I will be purchasing/ordering some new minis along with getting the stuff together to start building a couple of Qwik fields, a Zombie Fighting pit, and a Zombie Race Track for use in my Mackinac Island Campaign.

Over the past week I have been slowly workign on organizing all my notes for the campaign so they are all together. I have also been editing them to clean what I have up, along with fleshing out some of the communities with  back stories (other then the one I created for Mackinac Island) and main NPCs. Right now I have about a dozen key locations for the campaign. Mackinac Island (where the campaign will be centered) Mackinaw City and Fort Michilinmackinac located there, Charlevoix, MI a ganger/Slaver town, Green Bay, WI a big trade town akin to Lake Havasu City in I, Zombie, Beaver Isalnd a farming/fishing community, Petoskey, MI home to three smaller communities, Cheboygan, MI a zombie town (with a small community of survivors holed up on the waterfront), St. Ignace, MI another smaller survivor community, Escanaba, MI a trade town, and Bois Blanc Island a deserted rock home to a terrible creature (BA Worms).

I have a couple other locations that are planned that will be uninhabited, primarily used as hunting grounds for food.

Right now I would say I am about 1/2 way through gettign the notes organized and the campaign setting fleshed out. I still have to go through and create all the main NPCs (do have a list of names already and where they are located).

I did create at least 1 Qwik team for each community, some have 2 teams.