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29 March 2013

As the World Dies Trilogy a Great Read- Updated

As mentioned in my last post I now have an Amazon Kindel Fire HD. Been doing a lot of reading on it.

Just finished up the entire As the World Dies trilogy by Rhiannon Frater. I am not going to post reviews but links to an outstanding reviews of the books that Bryan (Vampifan) has already done and I don't think I could say much that he hasn't already stated in his reviews.

The First Days Review
Fighting to Survive Review
Seige Review

Now Rhiannon also has two more As the World Dies books out with a third one on the way, they are the Untold Tales. These two books (Untold Tales 1 and Untold Tales 2) provide some background other characters in the books. I won't really be reviewing the Untold Tales since a review of some of the tales in them will give away too much.

Untold Tales 1 Starts of during "Day 1" and reveals how Lydia (Katie's wife) met her end as one of the living, this all takes place before book 1: The First Days starts. Next we meet Monica, Jaun's cousin, find out what happened to her before she arrived at the Fort. Both Monica and Lydia's stories are short, only a handful of pages long. Finally the bulk if Untold Tales 1 is Eric's story and how he met Stacy and arrived at the Fort. This book is a great companion to the As the World Dies trilogy, letting us know about some of the other important Survivors (or in Lydia's case, a major characters loved one), and some of the struggles they had to endure before reaching the Fort.

Untold Tales 2 starts off with Katrina's story, then The Unknown's Story, a story about a family that didn't survive to make it to the Fort. Finally we have the story of Ken and Lenore's struggles on thier way to the Fort. I haven't read thsi book yet, just finished Untold Tales 1, and if its anything like the Trilogy and Untold Tales 1 it is a must have for the As the World Dies collection.

Untold Tales 3 hasn't been released yet but from what I have been able to gather it will tell us Rune the Bikers story, Senator Bitch Queen Paige Brightman's story after she abandons the Mall and tries to reach Central Government. Finally the third story will be about the after math of the Seige and one unknown (as of this time) woman's struggle on the decision whether to give up and die or to keep on living. As soon as this book is available for the Kindle I fully intend on purchasing it, as I have enjoyed the first 4 books so far and am already looking forward to reading Untold Tales 2.

I also currently have cued up to read Last Bastion of the Living and
The Living Dead Boy and the Zombie Hunters (this is actually a young adult novel by Rhiannon), along with some of the other Zombie books I have downloaded through Amazon.

I also have for the As The World Dies trilogy and Untold Tales 1 and Last Bastion of the Living signed kindlegraphs. A Kindlegraph is basically the way the author can sign a digital copy of thier books, It is a pdf file of the books inside title page with the authors signature and any personalization they may include. I opted for the basic personalization and didnt request anything special.

Well I am off to start As the World Dies Untold Tales 2.

Edit 2APRIL2013- Finished Untold Tales 2 and it was a perfect companion to the As the World Dies Trilogy. Am putting Living Dead Boy the Young Adult book by Rhiannon Frateron hold in order to read a non-zombie book series that I have heard great things about, and has a pretty good TV series based on the series, the Song of  Ice and Fire series (aka the Game of Thrones series) by George R. R. Martin. Bought a bundle with all 5 (currently released) books for the Kindle. So far I am about  6 chapters into The Game of Thrones (Book 1) and it is pretty good. Will probably be reading the Song of Ice and Fire series for at least the next month or so, while watching Game of Thrones from the beginning.

16 March 2013

Sweet New Toy

Well last week I decided to waste a couple bucks on one of those No Chance in Hell Arcade games were you can win cool stuff like GPS units, Nintendo 3DS's, etc.... The one I was playing had an Amazon Kindle Fire HD, barely hanging on. Ended up hitting the string just right (not with the blade that cuts it) and the Kindle dropped, I am guessing that due to the weight of the Kindle and the shock of hitting the string created just the right combination of force to cause the already weakened string to finally fail.

Currently have all my ATZ rule books on it, along with some Kindle books I bought, most based off of Vampifans reviews, and of course a copy of Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide & World War Z (already have the hard copies of both).  Now I do have some classics such as HP Lovecrafts complete works, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's complete works of Sherlock Holmes, and some Jules Verne (currently rereading Mysterious Island by Verne, last time I read it was about 15 years ago in school).

Books Currently purchased that are Zombie related:

Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse by Max Brallier
As The World Dies Trilogy by Rhiannon Fater
As the World Dies Untold Tales Trilogy by Rhiannon Fater
The Last Bastion of the Living by Rhiannon Fater
LZR-1143 Perspective and LZR-1143: Within by Brian James (both were free zombie books so thought I would check them out)
World War Z and Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
Dead and Moaning in Las Vegas by 

I also bought (some such as the Jules Verne books were free)
The Mysterious Island, Around the World in 80 Days, From the Earth to the Moon: and Round the Moon all by Jules Verne
Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
The Complete Collection of HP Lovecraft
The complete collection of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The games I currently have on it are
Disney's Wheres my Perry (had a free download code for it so dont judge me)
a couple hidden object adventure games
and paper toss (you throw a wad of paper at the waste basket, though you have a fan that blows at different speeds each throw that will affect your aim)

I will be downloading the various rules for the Munchkin card games that I own (Zombies, Apocalypse, Star Munchkin and regular Munchkin), along with Zombie Fluxx, Zombies!!! the Game, etc...