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21 June 2012

Sorry I haven't been posting

To my kind followers,

I am sorry I haven't been posting anything in the past couple months. Back at the end of April beginning of May I received a promotion at my job. Instead of being a Sales Rep that sells the prepaid portrait packages that our studios have, I am now the Team Lead for all the sales reps in the district (their manager). With the promotion I have increased my hours, and I also have to travel around to each of the studios in my district, a couple are about a 2 hour drive away. As such i have been spending more time at work and on the road, so I haven't been at a computer (at least one where I can get online). Add into the fact that the last two weeks on one of my normal days off I had 1) to travel down to Indianapolis, Indiana for training (did get paid the travel time both there and back along with mileage since it was a 350 mile, 6 hour trip), and 2) this week I had a training workshop I had to run for my sales reps.

I am hoping to be getting some new content posted eventually so please don't think I have forgotten about my blog. I do want to place an order for some of the Victory Force Zombies (in addition to the ones I already have) and some of their other figures that I can use as survivors, along with the Studio Miniature Zombies and survivors, but first I am looking at getting a new notebook computer and/or a nice tablet (don't know if i will go with an iPad or an Android tablet).