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12 November 2011

Small Update

Well noty much has been going on with me on the gaming front, no new mini acquisitions, and haven't really got any new scenry built other then a small rocket launch pad using the Reaper CAV Whisper Missile System (product #24543) as the basis. I used the following parts P07024B: Launch Pad and P07024C: Missile. I then raised the launch platform to a 45 degree angle using a bit of scrap foamcore, I then mounted them off center on a 40mm round base. I also added to the base a small control console /computer made from scrap foamcore. I have kept the missile separate (though painted) so that I can easily remove it to show that the missile has been launched, I also have the Inflight version (P07024D: Spent Missile) on the flight stand (P07024E: Flight Stand [74054] painted and mounted on an additional base to represent the missile in flight after being launched. I do plan on using the Missile as part of a future multi player scenario in which the players either need to A) get to the missile and launch it into the city to eradicate the undead and the infected there (this situation is for Castle Pharmaceuticals Black Knights security force) or B) get tot he missile and disarm/destroy it before the Black Knights can get to it and launch it (Survivors).

I did get a small game in. I set up the Ebbles Folding Unit Structures I have build (2x Small, 2x Med, 1x large and 1x X-Large) along with the two foam core knock ups of the Bachman Plasticville TV Station (area was Suburbs). The goal I gave my lonely survivor was to search all the buildings for his gf and any supplies he could find.

My Jake character was a  Rep 4 Civilian armed with a Pistol and baseball bat, I did give him the Brawler Attribute. Instead of rolling for initial number of zeds for initial placement I decided to use 2 PEFs (went with two due to the smaller play area). Initial placement put both in sight of Jake. Upon his initial activation I rolled to see what both PEF's were, the results were PEF1- 3x the amount of Hostile NPC's and PEF2- False Alarm. The Hostiles turned out to be Zombies, luckily they were 18 inches away, out of range. Jake moved to the first building that was on his right, upon entering I drew one card from the Risk and Rewards Deck from Two Hour Wargames, resulting in 3 zombies, and a shotgun (if Jake survives and searches for the resource). Turn ended, Next turn Jake failed to activate rolling a 5, zombies activate with a roll of 3, oh no. Zeds are all withign 3 inches of Jake so he takes his Zed or No Zed test and passes, but unfortunately they all charge him, and he only passed 1dg, so he cant fire but can melee normally. Jake gets 6d6 for melee (2 for using the bat two handed and 4 for his rep. Jake decides to divide the dice up with two per target, Zed 1 he scores 1 success more then the Zed killing it, Zed two he scores 0 more successes so he must continue to fight next round, Zed 3 he scores 2 more successes killing it. End of Turn no new zeds appear since no shots fired. Activation Jake 2 Zeds 5, only Jake Activates (Yay) Jake decides to break off contact from the zed and fast moves across the street, entering the building he runs into 2 Gangers, a Rep 4 w/ M. Pistol and a Rep 4 w/ SMG. Jake decided to do the Talk the Talk but fails miserably, the Gangers open fire on Jake. Ganger 1 with the M. Pistol scores a knock down, while Ganger 2 scores an Obviously Dead on the knocked down Jake, thus ending poor Jake's short adventure to find his GF. Obviously I didnt have good dice rolls, but as we all know that does happen, and your game can end before it really begins,

Now on to something I posted about in my last post. I mentioned about a site called Deal Extreme that is located in Hong Kong and how I had placed an order with them. Part of my order shipped on the 2nd of Nov (the items that didn't ship I did receive notice are on temporary back order and should be back in by the 18th of Nov, that's about 8 business days after the order was placed for any of it to be shipped, taking in account that it was Saturday in Hong Kong when the order was placed), and it arrived (or at least was scanned in) here int he US yesterday, and as of today it was here in Michigan at the sorting facility down in Allen park, MI (Detroit , MI area) which means barring any SNAFUs I should have the fist part of the order Monday, which will be the Pink and Blue Wii Nunchucks (for my Mom and Dad to use) and the White Motion Plus controller w/ nunchuck for use as a back-up or even for possible hardware hacks of the remote (I have found a couple that look interesting). Again I am just a customer of Deal Extreme, who has done business with them in the past and was satisfied with the purchases I have made.