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23 December 2011

Happy Festivus

Happy Festivus my fellow Bloggers and Zombie aficionados.

Today is Festivus, a non-secular holiday that comes by every Dec. 23, it's Festivus for the rest of us.

For those of you not familiar with the Holiday it is one that finds its origins from the Great Wise Man, Frank Costanza, from the TV series Seinfeld. Granted it was a made up Holiday, but today there are many who actually celebrate it.

Now gather around the Festivus Pole (an unadorned Aluminum pole, since the Great Wise Frank describes it "It requires no decoration. I find tinsel distracting ... It's made from aluminum. Very high strength-to-weight ratio."). It is time for the Airing of Grievances (don't take any offense if I single you out for something this is all in good fun and yes I may make up a grievence or two just to have some fun).

First grievance goes to Bryan (Vampifan): You are nothign but a lousy show off, hoarding your great undead mini hoard over us, and shaming us all with your great paper modeling skills, may you become trapped under your hoard without help until you rot.

Next one goes to Fran (TheAngryLurker): You fat lazy SOB, always giving poor innocent Ray a hard time.

Ray: You whimpering little baby, always whining when Fran picks on you, grow a spine.

LuckyJoe: Take a shower already, we can smell you from 1/2 a continent way.

Colin (CMNash): Get off your fat wart covered bum and post some more Zombie related stuff.

Ed Texeria (: The Great Two Hour Wargames guy): You are nothing but a lousy, two faced, money grubbing crook, telling us that this game or that game will be out soon and them making us wait forever for you to actually release it, may the fires of hell sprout us and consume you for all of eternity.

Finally one last grievance to air, this one is directed at .................................ME: You sloven, unmotivated, disease infested, maggot ridden corpse, you need to take the time to actually play more then a quick little game of ATZ, and don't use the excuse that but I don't have time because of work, either, it wont fly. Also get off that arse of your's build some more terrain and get more Zombie minis, paint them and then take pics of everything.

OK that's all the grievances I have for now, again if I singled you out and said anything don't take any offense it was all in fun and you all are actually great guys and I am glad to know you through Blogger or the various gaming sites and forums.

Now I will open up the floor to anyone else who may have a grievance or two that they want to air.

The Feat of Strength will be skipped this year in favor of everyone playing a game of their favorite Zombie rule system or watching a Zombie movie of their choice.

22 December 2011

Gruesomely Severed head

Well as many of you may know I am a fan of the Reaper Miniatures paints, primarily using those from their Pro Paint line (3/4 oz jars) along with a couple of their Mater Series line (the 1/2 oz dropper bottles).  Every Reaper paint includes in it (as called by Reaper) a Gruesomely Severed Head. Every one I have seen is actually a Pewter Skull, the purpose behind the head is to help mix the paint when you shake the jar/pot or dropper bottle, similar to the ball bearing/marble found in spray cans.

Now every one of the skulls I have seen has been a nice silver pewter color (after washing the paint off of them), up until now. I had an old jar (about 13 or so years old) of Breonne Navy (a dark blue that was a favorite of mine for various minis in the past from the tunics of Knights to the primary color of my CAV's when I played to being used for anything that would be a navy blue (Suits, Jeans, etc.), unfortunately the color is now out of production. The paint still in the pot was mostly a sludge that even adding flow improver/extender didn't help remedy, so I decided to dig the skull out for future use be it a conversion or as part of the scenery. Unlike the previous skulls this one was ... BLACK and pitted. I am assuming this is from some oxidation and the fact that it was sitting in a sludge of half dead paint for over a decade.

Sorry for the bad pic but it was taken rather quickly.

I am thinking that I could easily pass it off as a fire scorched skull. I am also thinking of getting a Zombie mini that I can use this scorched skull on (as is, though might do a slight dry brushing of a gray), if my sculpting skills were better I would sculpt one just for this skull.

OK I admit it this post was nothing more then a shameless I have to post something and I don't know what to post, so I will post some random nothingness just to have a post that's something other then me saying Yes I am still alive.

10 December 2011

Still alive and kicking.

I am still alive and kicking. Just been busy working. Played a couple more small games of ATZ, unfortunately no pics or bat-reps since they are more just quick time consumers here and there. Other then that been playing some more Wii, just finished Lego Pirates of the Caribbean the game, now working on a game from probably the greatest non-zombie series ever, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. Great game even though I am still towards the beginning of the game.

I am hoping to have an actual batrep with pics here after the Holidays, though there is no guarantee, especially since real life likes to intervene when you don't want it to.

Now on a side note, I have already made my New Years Resolution, I want to lose about 20lbs by around March, and work towards getting the 6-pack abs I had back in 1999/2000. To help me out with this goal I am going to be working out with Wii Fit Plus. One reason I want to lose some excess weight is primarily to get back into shape, as we all know Rule #1 is Cardio, due to my last couple jobs, McDonald's (not beneficial to trying to stay healthy, especially when on your break you are limited to a burger and fries, if you wanted a salad you had to play for it out of your pocket) then working in a strip club where most the time I was just sitting there and it seemed like always had some pizza that one of the other employees or that a dancer had ordered and only wanted a slice or two, I ended up putting on extra pounds/Kilos. Luckily the job I have now I do a lot of walking so that is helping me get back into shape, but unfortunately it doesn't help me lose the gut I have put on over the past 10 years or so. One reason I have decided to go the Wii Fit Plus route is due to the fat that I am able to easily track my progress vs. if I went to a gym and worked out. I am planning on getting the EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii and some of the additional accessories such as additional resistance bands (medium and heavy), a yoga mat, etc...

Update 12/18/2011: I now have EA Sports Active 2 and a yoga mat. The additional accessories such as the medium and heavy resistance bands will most likely be bought next week, if either of the K-Marts that we have a studio in that I am covering have the EA Sports Active 2 workout kit left. I have noticed so far in a brief testing of EA Sports Active 2 that there are a few exercises I may not be able to do, mainly the push ups, due to a bad shoulder (first hit by a truck in 1991 on that side which did some damage, then enlisting in the US Army and re-injuring the shoulder, while trying to continue on and hide the injury from the Drill Sergeants, resulting in more damage being done, plus doing physical therapy exercises (that the Army Physical Therapist gave me without having a Dr. look at my shoulder or preforming any X-Rays/MRI's/ect... to see what the injury was) that I later find out from my civilian Dr. when I got out and the Sports Medicine therapist I was sent to, are not exercises that one does for the injury I had, doing them can actually do more damage).