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22 December 2011

Gruesomely Severed head

Well as many of you may know I am a fan of the Reaper Miniatures paints, primarily using those from their Pro Paint line (3/4 oz jars) along with a couple of their Mater Series line (the 1/2 oz dropper bottles).  Every Reaper paint includes in it (as called by Reaper) a Gruesomely Severed Head. Every one I have seen is actually a Pewter Skull, the purpose behind the head is to help mix the paint when you shake the jar/pot or dropper bottle, similar to the ball bearing/marble found in spray cans.

Now every one of the skulls I have seen has been a nice silver pewter color (after washing the paint off of them), up until now. I had an old jar (about 13 or so years old) of Breonne Navy (a dark blue that was a favorite of mine for various minis in the past from the tunics of Knights to the primary color of my CAV's when I played to being used for anything that would be a navy blue (Suits, Jeans, etc.), unfortunately the color is now out of production. The paint still in the pot was mostly a sludge that even adding flow improver/extender didn't help remedy, so I decided to dig the skull out for future use be it a conversion or as part of the scenery. Unlike the previous skulls this one was ... BLACK and pitted. I am assuming this is from some oxidation and the fact that it was sitting in a sludge of half dead paint for over a decade.

Sorry for the bad pic but it was taken rather quickly.

I am thinking that I could easily pass it off as a fire scorched skull. I am also thinking of getting a Zombie mini that I can use this scorched skull on (as is, though might do a slight dry brushing of a gray), if my sculpting skills were better I would sculpt one just for this skull.

OK I admit it this post was nothing more then a shameless I have to post something and I don't know what to post, so I will post some random nothingness just to have a post that's something other then me saying Yes I am still alive.


  1. I never knew the Reaper paints had a little skull in them. That's actually a kind of cool post.

  2. Well just was over at the Reaper Miniatures site. It look sliek they have now discontinued the Pro paint line in favor of the Master Series Core paints and the Master Series HD (High Density pigmentation) paints. Its a shame they had some great colors in the Pro Paint line that I haven't seen released in the Master Series line, such as the Ghoul Grey that they used to have (until they redid the Pro Paint and scrapped some of the colors like Ghoul Grey and Breonne Navy). They also took down any reference to the "Gruesomely Severed Head" in the paint, so I wonder if they are doing away with the practice.