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29 September 2011

Small Update to let everyone know I still Breath

Just a small update so that peopel don't start thinking I joined the ranks of the (Un)Dead. Been busy with work and having to deal with a computer problem with my laptop. BTW laptop is back up and running so now I can play the Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road DLC.

I did get some minis this month, a couple Reaper Chronoscope figures (Edna, the Crazy Cat Lady (with 6 cats that are separate), Sister maria, Nun, and Rio Wilson, Cowboy), along with the GW Catachan Jungle Fighters Squad (10 figures). Last month I did purchase the Victory Force 50 for $50 Zombie deal, they arrived towards the end of August and I did finish them all before August ended. Granted none of my figures will win any awards for their paint jobs, as I have said before I go for the Table top (2-3ft) paint job, as long as they look good on the table from a distance of at least a couple feet, they I am happy with them. Back on the topic of the Catachan Jungle Fighters, I have taken one of the extra guns and added a longer barrel (wooden toothpick) , a "bolt" (using part of the pistol grip from one of the rifles that was cut off when the rifle was used to arm one of the Catachans), and a scope (toothpick), turning it into a bolt action sniper rifle.

I am semi-moving away from the Sabol Design Army Transport Case for figure storage and transport. Instead what I am doing for figure storage is some Flambeau Pistol Cases (Model # 1011), These cases fit inside the Army Transport case I have (with the foam trays removed). I can fit 4 stacked on top of each other horizontally, and one next to them vertically, along with 2 of the Mantic "DVD" cases that my Hasslefree Adventurers (Mantic licensed) came in.

On the scenery front I haven't been doing that much. I did find a Hot Wheels Ducati 1098 at one of the local stores, bought it and have it mounted on a GW "Pill" Motorcycle base.

I finally found a copy of Steve Jackson games, Zombie Dice. I have had the iPhone/iPod touch version for a while now and couldn't find the physical version locally so put it on the back burner.

On the gaming front not much happened this month, other then some Fallout New Vegas (before laptop problems, and now that they are resolved after). I did get a couple games of Zombie Fluxx and Zombie Dice (physical not the iPhone version) in.

I am also going to be purchasing the WWG Roll Arena this Friday (tomorrow), which I am planning on building, and modifying the card drawer so that it will fir the ATZ Risk and Rewards Deck in one of the spots for cards, and the other two will be one open area for additional dice, tokens, rulers, etc... As for the Roll Arena's top surface I am thinking of seeing if I can bash a disk with a nice picture of a Survivor fighting a Zombie, either with a firearm or in melee (maybe both, a pistol firing in one hand and a machete/Baseball bat/Lead Pipe/Katana/etc... in the other hand).

One another awesome note, I finally got me a console system for gaming. I ended up buying a Nintendo Wii. I bought it both for myself and also for my mom since she wants to do Wii Bowling and Wii Fit. I will most likely be getting the RE games for it, and also see if I can find my copies of RE0, RE1 (remake), and RE4 that I bought when I had a Nintendo Gamecube. right now only games I have for the Wii are Mystery Case Files: The Marlgrave Incident, and Wii Sports. I am a fan of the Hidden Object games, having a Big Fish Games Club Membership, which I use the free game credit i get each month to get a new hidden object game, and luckily my mom also loves playing them so they all get installed on my parents main computer in the front room for anyone in the house to play.

I am hoping that October will be a more eventful month on the scenery front and even the gaming front

03 September 2011

More Zombie Goodness

Well I have some more Zombies that I thought I would unveil to you guys and gals.

Not-South park Zombies