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21 August 2013

WooT Woot, getting a new computer and some other info

Well as some of you may know back in 2011 my laptop died on me. I have been stuck using my parents desktop computer for everything.

I am now lucky enough to be getting a new (well refurbished) laptop computer thanks to part of a settlement with eMachines knowingly using faulty floppy drives in their computers, that I was part of.

I ended up going with a 17.3" Acer laptop, it will be a AMD 1.4Gz Quad Core, with 4GB Ram and 500GB HDD.

I fully intend to transfer all my Zombie gaming info to the new laptop along with my Starship gaming info.

Now on the Zombie gaming front, I am planning on building when I can some additional cardstock models, Cathrdea Noctis (with the retrofit) and Wildwoods Grove both by World Works Games. I am also looking at the West Wind Brotherhood Biker gang (armed Biker Priests), some nun minis and generic priest minis to go with the  Cathedrea Noctis build. I currently havent decided on the name of the Cathedre Nocits build. Now the small chapel in Wildwoods Grove will be modified so it is slightly bigger and most likely will be a Universal Life Church (a real church headquartered in Modesto California,that I am part of, they are a non-denominational church, having ordained ministers of many faiths around the world, some with congregations, some without, I myself have been one of their ministers for years, ranging from the various Christian Denominations, to Islam, to Judaism, to Hindu, Wiccan, Agnostic, etc... Their services (at least at the headquarters in Modesto) are an open service and any one of their members are welcome to take the pulpit during the service, other congregations run by ULC ministers operate under different formats, some similar to actual church services, with a structured format, while others operate in an informal format similar to the ULCHQ, it all depends on the minister and their religious denomination).

Now i am not going to get all religious on you, I would like to share a bit about the ULC (this will be a brief nutshell, you can get more info by going to the sites mentioned below) since I did mention them above and am thinking of having the Wildwoods Grove Chapel being a ULC Church. It was founded in 1959 by Rev. Kirby J. Hensley and his wife Lida, under the belief that every man (and woman) has the right to pursue their own religious belief, their one Doctrine is "Do only that which is Right"

The ULC has been refereed to a a Box top Ordination since they are willing to ordain almost anyone without the individual having any Seminary training. The do require that you use your real legal name, and the ordination isn't instantly conferred upon submitting the application, it is actually reviewed by members selected by the Board Of Directors. As the ULC Bookstore site mentions the Ordinations are not done by a computer, but by a person.

There are now a number of "church" websites claiming to all be the official ULC church, all but a few of these are even affiliated with the ULC HQ in Modesto, California. One of the biggest offenders is the Monastery, they were part of the ULC, until the original sites owner experience a hostile take over of his site.

If you would like info on the Universal Life Church the only official and approved sites are Universal Life Church Headquarters and Universal Life Church Online (also known as the ULC Bookstore) there is also a forum available on the ULC Bookstore site, if you would like further information. Now there is one other site, it is known to the ULCHQ and while not an Official ULC site, they do have a good working relationship with the ULCHQ, it is the Universal Life Church Seminary, the Seminary was started by a ULC minister initially for her congregation, and has since grown into a site to help other ULC ministers, offering various theological courses (such as the Master of Comparative Religion, Dr. of Christian Ethics, and even Master of Wiccan Studies), Rev. Amy Long will also forward any ordination requests she receives to the ULCHQ.