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03 April 2012

Sales related post for Deal Extreme

As some of you may remember back last year in either October or November I posted about a Hong Kong Retailer called Deal Extreme (<- click for the link to the site), and how I ordered some stuff for my Nintendo Wii from them. In addition to the Wii items, I have purchased various items from them in the past mostly photography related, such as lens hoods and some cheap umbrella swivel mounts (that I can mount my hot shoe flash units on along with a shoot-thru or reflective umbrella on a light stand) as back ups. I regularly check out the site mainly looking for new camera related gear, though I did do a search on the site for Zombies, and discovered they currently have available on the site some Zombie themed items such as Plants vs. Zombies Conehead Zombie and Plants vs. Zombies Peashooter that shoots BBs (the Plant vs. Zombie figures look to be knock offs of the actual game characters) or A Zombie style facemask (the face mask is ABS plastic with Mesh eye holes, for use while playing Airsoft games).

As mentioned previously most of the items have free shipping (though you may see a small shipping charge of 1 penny (US) or your countries equivalent for a Tracked Airmail Service Fee). I decided to repost the link to Deal Extreme above and under my Links off to the left since I noticed the Plant vs Zombie figures. I am going to be placing an order here in the next couple weeks with them for a couple additional batteries for both my camera (Canon LP-E5's), my light meter (CR123A's) and my wireless trigger for off camera lighting (CR2540's), and a 5-in-1 circular reflector, I may also pick up a couple of additional eye cups for my camera and a macro extension tube that allows for auto focus to be used if I have the extra money.

I did include a referral code in the links above since I did sicne up as part of their Affiliate (referral) program, I get points for any referral purchase made that I then can redeem for product( mostly cheap novelty items, though they do have some items such as some rare earth magnets, or a LED flashlight similar to the Surefire ones, express shipping, or even cash back (at a rate of $0.50 per $50 in referral purchases made, so as you can see its not as if you will be making big bucks with the referral program). Any points I do accumulate will be used towards the express shipping (when I have enough points accumulated) on future orders.