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06 August 2012

ATZ Equipment Cards

Back about a month or so ago there was a thread over on the THW Yahoo Group about Character Cards for ATZ. I liked the idea and downloaded the Magic Set Editor (a program for creating your own Magic: The Gathering cards along with cards for other games) to fool around with and make some equipment cards for ATZ. So as you can see I haven't totally been off the gaming grid.

I am planning on also including vehicle cards and Character cards (NPC most likely) in a later release.

Heres some of the cards I knocked out as a test.

I also added one very special, very important Equipment card that one must obtain at any cost in the game, even if it means sacrificing lesser team members.

I posted the link to the file over on the Board of the Living Lead forums.

You will need the Magi Set Editor and possibly the Dvorak card template to view the cards and/or edit them.