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My ATZ Primary Characters

This page will contain the information on the primary set of characters I have for my ATZ Games. I wont be including one off characters (ones who I create just for a game or two) or homage characters (ones I create as a nod towards other fictional characters or real people).

Name of Character
Starting Rep or Current Rep
Starting Class or Current Class
Weapons (if any)
Misc. Equipment/Loot (both starting and found)
Characters background fluff (if I have provided any)

My Primary group , currently they are members of the Mayhem PD SWAT that were on a Drug raid when the outbreak started and became cut off from the rest of the Team and even MAYHEM PD force, since the raid was outside of the city proper in one of the suburbs, and due to the quarantine in effect they will have a hard time getting back into the city.

Doug (Star)
Rep 5
Military/Law Enforcement
Born Leader, Stone Cold
Semi Auto Rifle w/ Scope and Silencer, BA Pistol, SMG, Knife
Equipment/Loot: Tactical Vest (Counts as Body Armor/Protection)

Bio: Doug is a former Solder in the Army, serving 8 years active duty as part of a Ranger Unit, upon leaving the military he took the job as the head of Mayhem PD's S.W.A.T. Unit as a favor to long time childhood friend Commissioner William Johnson, to help clean up the corruption from the former SWAT commander. Once settled in Doug hired Rebecca Chase, a fellow Army Ranger (in my alternate reality Women are also able to serve in the military in combat related positions such as Infantry), to act as his second in command and as the Team Sniper, reprising her role from the Army. Doug then announced that there were to be open qualifications for all positions on the SWAT team, any mayhem PD Officer was eligible to try out for the team, and all current SWAT members would have to compete in the qualifications if they wished to remain on the team. With the new Team formed the SWATs corruption was gone, and they preformed valorously on many calls. Doug operated the Team like a well trained Military Unit, requiring each member, himself included to qualify on all weapons they might use 4 times a year, the exception was Rebecca, her qualifications came through the Military and Law Enforcement Sniper Competitions she participated in, typically one per month around the nation. Doug was able to broker an agreement with the base commander of Fort Liberty for the Mayhem PD SWAT to use the MOUT facilities and the ranges there on the base.

Rebecca Chase
Rep 5
Military/Law Enforcement
Marksman, Agile
Sniper Rifle (Custom Bolt Action Rifle, see below for stats) w/ scope, BA Pistol, Knife
Equipment/Loot: Tactical Vest (Counts as Body Armor/Protection)

Bio: Rebecca was recruited to the Mayhem PD SWAT by Doug, who knew here from his time in the Army. Both were members of the same Ranger team, Rebecca was the teams sniper, a role which she continues as part of the Mayhem PD SWAT, in addition to acting as Doug's Second-in-Command. Rebecca is one of the top sharpshooters/snipers in the Nation, competing in competitions all across the nation, on average one a month. Due to the competitions she competes in she has been waved from the quarterly weapons qualification that Doug requires of all the members of the Mayhem PD SWAT.
*Sniper Rifle (Custom Bolt Action Rifle) Rng 60 (due to scope that is standard, if no scope then Rng 48), Target 1 or 2 (1 if user doesnt have Marksman attribute) and Impact 3

James "Doc" Johnson
Rep 4
Military/Law Enforcement
Medic/Nurse (see Haven, pg 16 for info on Medics), Stone Cold, Nerves of Steel
Carbine (Rng 24, Target 2, Impact 1), Pistol, Knife
Equipment/Loot: Med-Kit x4

Bio: James was a Combat Field Medic for the US Army Special Forces, and has seen many atrocities and horrors perpetrated by man, ranging from rape and mutilation of innocents to desecration of the dead to even cannibalism in the remote jungles of the world. Since getting out of the Army he moved back to Mayhem City, where he joined the Mayhem PD. After a year on the force he was ready to quit until he was approached by Doug, who after receiving a copy of his records, recruited him to the SWAT team as their medic.

Mikaela Stratovich
Rep 4
Pistol, Knife
Equipment/Loot: Various Luxury items x10, Food x 10, Lockpicks x50 (act as keys)

Bio: Mikaela fled her home in the Soviet Union after killing a couple members of the KGB. When she arrived in the US she drifted from major city to major city committing petty crimes to get by until she found herself in Mayhem City, being arrested by Doug during a Drug Raid at the flop house she was staying at. Doug realized that she was a intelligent resourceful individual, who had the street Smarts he was looking for. He approached her with the proposition, work for me as part of the SWAT team and we will expunge your criminal records. Mikaela took him up on the offer, attending the Academy, and now goes undercover or uses her skills to obtain information or equipment that the team needed. Luckily she also has kept up on her underworld contacts, ranging from petty crooks to the heads of the local Mobs, by committing the occasional crime (sanctioned by the Mayhem PD to keep her cover, any goods she steals are promptly returned to their owners) very few of which knows that she works for the Police, and those that do are paid informants.

Kari Summers
Rep 3
Stone Cold
Semi-Auto Rifle
Equipment/Loot: Food x 5

Bio: Kari joined Doug's group after they rescued her from Mayhem Central Station. Kari had holed up in the train stations second floor, after she and the other survivors there blocked off all but one of the stairwells, with the unblocked stair well having a gate that they could lock and unlock for entrance to the second floor or to exit when going on a supply run.

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