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26 April 2011

Sorry No Surprise Yet

I am sorry to say the surprise I mentioned I was hoping to post either this last weekend or today (April 26) has been delayed. I had some real life stuff come up that didn't allow me to finish everything. I will try to post what I am able to here in the next couple days or so, if I get the chance.

22 April 2011

Ebbles miniatures Sale

I just scored me some Copplestone Casting Zombie troopers (1 pack of 5 figures) and a pack of the Copplestone Casting Bio-Chem Troopers over on the Ebbles Miniatures Forums. Christopher Roe (aka Mel Ebbles) is having a Clearing out the Closet Sale! on his forums to liquidate various miniatures he has no use for. You can find the thread here The thread is already a couple days old, I forgot to post this the day he put the thread up. He requests you contact him regarding the figures you would like with an offer, he isn't accepting an offer of trades or gift certificates to other companies for additional minis, and if he feels its a reasonable offer he will let you know the total cost for the figure(s) you would like with the shipping.

Also Chris is currently liquidating his entire physical stock of supplies in his sites supply depot. He has a thread in his forums announcing the reason behind this which I will not go into here. Everything he has left is currently 50% off, other then the down-loadable card stock models, these aren't included in the sale. Also unfortunately he has suspended international shipping to Canada, since he gets very similar USPS (US Postal Service) shipping rates on both domestic (USA) and Canadian packages.

While I am happy I scored some figures I have on my wish list, i am saddened to hear that Chris is getting out of the physical inventory business, I would rather order glue and replacement Olfa blades from him then order them from somewhere else or even shop locally at Wal-mart, just so I could help out a small business owner here in the USA.

BTW this is not the surprise I mentioned in my previous post, that I am currently working on finishing up the last of the little details so I can post it here. I am hoping to either have it finished and posted tomorrow or Sunday, if not one of those two days, I am aiming for Tuesday April 26th. Everythign all depends on if I can as mentioned finalize the details and find time to post it between working at my job, eating, and getting house/yard work done.

Update: Chris is also going to be getting out of the direct to customer sales of his cardstock models. He will continue working on cardstock models for personal projects such as his Saga of the Uppity Robots (the models he currently has on his site for sale), though these will be through his blog I believe he mentioned over on his forums the models on his Blog will go back to the Free, but if you like please donate some money format, but please don't quote me on this I may be wrong.

17 April 2011

Surprise Coming Soon

I have a small surprise coming soon to my blog. I am not going to tell you guys out right what it is, but I will give you a Hint, it is something that hasn't been posted on my Blog yet (which could be a couple of different things, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA). I am hoping to be able to post the surprise here within the next week or so. If it isn't this week it should be next week (probably Tuesday April 26th), it all depends on how long it takes me to finish everything.

12 April 2011

More Metal Goodness

As promised here are a couple quick shots of the latest miniatures acquisition.

Hasslefree Adventurers: Femmes Fatales- Witch Hazel. Kitty, Sadie and Dionne
 The Hasslefree figures above are all distributed by Mantic Entertainment the makers of the great plastic Ghouls that I have previously posted pics of for use as Ragers. They are all in one of the 4 sets of Hasslefree figures that Mantic currently is distributing, the others are Juveniles, Girls with Guns, and I believe Female Soldiers. I am planning on getting the Juveniles and Girls with Guns, the Female Soldiers I am still unsure about at this time. Keven White is an exquisite sculptor, and I do regret waiting this long to purchase some of the Hasslefree Miniatures.

Reaper Chronosope- Harvey the Psycho-Killer, General Drake, and Phat Clark the Gang Boss
Reaper Chronoscope- Ninja, and the Ladies of the Night

Reaper Chronoscope- Ladies of the Night. Each one has a Tattoo, A butterfly on the one in the Blue, a vine of ivy on the one in the white fur coat, and a rose on the left shoulder blade of the one in the hot pink pants. I am currently calling the one in the Fur, Ivy (due to the tattoo) and the one in the pink pants, Rose (after her rose tattoo). The one in the Blue is currently unnamed, though the names for the other two are just working names and may not be the ones I use in games.

10 April 2011

New Vehicles

Well I picked up some new vehicles for my survivors and gangers to use. They are the Hot Wheel clones of the Can Am Spyder motorcycles, though they aren't fully accurate copies, they are close enough to the real things while still avoiding copyright infringement. The Spyder is actually a tryke with two front wheels and one rear wheel. They all are/were the same scheme, I have repainted two, one in Reaper Pro paints  Desert Tan with Reaper Pro Paints Dragon Black for trim and the other in Reaper Pro paints Dragon Black, the third I left as the original Beach Patrol scheme.

Original Beach Patrol Scheme
Beach Patrol, Tan and Black
Edit: As promised in the comments here's some pics with miniatures for scale.

eM4 Biker Babe w/ Auto shotgun and Biker w/ Auto shotgun

Reaper Chronoscope Peaches the Biker babe with one of the Reaper Chronoscope Ladies of the Night (note hand drawn rose tattoo on the "Lady's" left shoulder blade)

Reaper Chronoscope Mira, Post Apocalypse Heroine and Frank Russo, Mercenary

HassleFree Kitty
 Yes I know some of the figures I have slight touch up work to do, such as to Kitty, the bottom of the pants on the right leg has a spot where the paint chipped off during handling, I still have to put the matte varnish on some of them, have been just waiting for the weather to warm up some so I can take them outside and use the Matte Varnish spray I have. Plus I know the eyes don't look quite right, the smallest brush I have right now is a 3/0 so I was surprised how well the rose tattoo came out on the first attempt, granted its not perfect but it looks good enough at table distance.

Edit 2: I have now painted the windshield/front piece of the Beach patrol bike from Blue to black with what I hope resembles a police light bar, the right side has the Blue light and the Left side has the Red light with a smaller white light in the center like some of the light bars here in the US have, though the white light might also work as a headlight. I am going to paint a headlight onto the Black and the Desert tan bikes along with a red break light (on all three bikes).

09 April 2011

New minis coming soon

I just purchased me some new minis from the Local Hobby Shop. They are as follows from Reaper: 50157 Townsfolk Ladies of the Night (3), 50147 General Drake, 50037 Harvey, Psycho-Killer, 50112 Phat Clark, Gang Boss and 50182 Ninja. I purchased Phat Clark and Harvey for use as gangers and Gen. Drake, while being about a 35mm figure, will be used as a Rouge Military General during the early days of the outbreak, and a Dictator/all around not nice guy (ala the Governor from I, Zombie) in the later campaigns (like my Mackinac Island Campaign). The Ladies of the Night (professional escorts, aka prostitutes) will be used in the initial days of the outbreak as panics civilians and then in the later set campaigns they will be used as the escorts they are supposed to be. As for the Ninja every good zombie game needs at least one person who thinks they are a ninja and I now have mine.

I also picked up a Hasselfree Miniatures boxed set that Mantic Entertainment puts out through a license with Hasslefree. The boxed set is Adventurers "Femme Fatales," it contains Dionne, which some of you may recognize as the figure Oliver (Whiteface) used as Mrs. Whiteface, Sadie (a Not-Buffy figure), Kitty and Witch Hazel. I will be using Sadie, Dionne and Kitty as regular survivors and Witch Hazel as Psy in the later set campaigns.

Right now I currently have the figures all assembled (for the ones that needed assembly), primed and based (after I finish painting the figures I will be painting the top of the bases Grey). Unfortunately I have to work all weekend so they probably wont go much beyond the primed stage for at least a couple of days.

02 April 2011

Update: No Real Update

Well nothing really new to report. Been busy with real life. Back towards the beginning of March (March 6 to be exact) finally found employment after not having any luck for over a year of looking for a job.  Been busy working, and trying to get my truck back up and running, it looks like it needs a new transmission, luckily I was able to get a used one that looks to be in great condition for $500, now just need to find time to pull the old one and put the new one in.

Between the weather flip-flopping between warming up and then freezing again here, causing my sinus to give me problems, aka I am getting to the point were I am not feeling that great at all, matter of fact the past couple days I have felt like crap, only thing keeping me going right now while working is Dayquil and Red Bull, and working, I haven't had much time or drive to do do anything gaming related. Add to the fact that I haven't gotten any new miniatures in about a month and a half (at least), haven't gotten to do any painting, hence the Ebbles Models I was building during February and part of March. I did get the World Works Games Battle Packs: Battle Basics to check out the Blast Templates, Fire/Smoke effects, and possibly the Flame Templates for when I work out everything for using Flamethrowers in ATZ (have to dig out, ie find the thumb drive its on, the copy of FNG that I have to see how the Flamethrower works).

I am hoping to be able to either pick up some more miniatures from the local hobby shop (survivors) or order more online (most likely Zombies) here in the next couple weeks, it all depends on if I can get my truck back up and running and not have to spend a small fortune doing it.