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10 April 2011

New Vehicles

Well I picked up some new vehicles for my survivors and gangers to use. They are the Hot Wheel clones of the Can Am Spyder motorcycles, though they aren't fully accurate copies, they are close enough to the real things while still avoiding copyright infringement. The Spyder is actually a tryke with two front wheels and one rear wheel. They all are/were the same scheme, I have repainted two, one in Reaper Pro paints  Desert Tan with Reaper Pro Paints Dragon Black for trim and the other in Reaper Pro paints Dragon Black, the third I left as the original Beach Patrol scheme.

Original Beach Patrol Scheme
Beach Patrol, Tan and Black
Edit: As promised in the comments here's some pics with miniatures for scale.

eM4 Biker Babe w/ Auto shotgun and Biker w/ Auto shotgun

Reaper Chronoscope Peaches the Biker babe with one of the Reaper Chronoscope Ladies of the Night (note hand drawn rose tattoo on the "Lady's" left shoulder blade)

Reaper Chronoscope Mira, Post Apocalypse Heroine and Frank Russo, Mercenary

HassleFree Kitty
 Yes I know some of the figures I have slight touch up work to do, such as to Kitty, the bottom of the pants on the right leg has a spot where the paint chipped off during handling, I still have to put the matte varnish on some of them, have been just waiting for the weather to warm up some so I can take them outside and use the Matte Varnish spray I have. Plus I know the eyes don't look quite right, the smallest brush I have right now is a 3/0 so I was surprised how well the rose tattoo came out on the first attempt, granted its not perfect but it looks good enough at table distance.

Edit 2: I have now painted the windshield/front piece of the Beach patrol bike from Blue to black with what I hope resembles a police light bar, the right side has the Blue light and the Left side has the Red light with a smaller white light in the center like some of the light bars here in the US have, though the white light might also work as a headlight. I am going to paint a headlight onto the Black and the Desert tan bikes along with a red break light (on all three bikes).


  1. Are the good in size? They certaintly look great!!

  2. Very nice. I shall have to keep an eye out for these. Good find, Doug!

  3. I will edit this post later today to include a pic of one next to a couple of miniatures, will probably use the eM4 Biker w/ Auto shotgun and Biker Babe w/ Auto Shotgun (The figures Bryan/Vampifan uses in his games as Big Sil and Angie) Along with Hasslefree Kitty and Reapers Frank Russo, Peaches and Mira (the Not Resident Evil Alice). Though the figures used may change when I go to take the pics.

  4. Sweet. Looks good so far, look forward to the additional pic(s).

  5. Oh, much better with the figures alongside them. Scalewise, the bikes are a good match with the figures. Any chance of a front view of the Reaper lady of the night in the skintight pink pants? She looks... interesting!

  6. Bryan the pics of the miniatures I just got will be coming here soon. I need to finish painting a couple of them up, I still have one of the Ladies of the Night, Harvey the Psycho Killer and Hasslefree Sadie to finish.