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02 April 2011

Update: No Real Update

Well nothing really new to report. Been busy with real life. Back towards the beginning of March (March 6 to be exact) finally found employment after not having any luck for over a year of looking for a job.  Been busy working, and trying to get my truck back up and running, it looks like it needs a new transmission, luckily I was able to get a used one that looks to be in great condition for $500, now just need to find time to pull the old one and put the new one in.

Between the weather flip-flopping between warming up and then freezing again here, causing my sinus to give me problems, aka I am getting to the point were I am not feeling that great at all, matter of fact the past couple days I have felt like crap, only thing keeping me going right now while working is Dayquil and Red Bull, and working, I haven't had much time or drive to do do anything gaming related. Add to the fact that I haven't gotten any new miniatures in about a month and a half (at least), haven't gotten to do any painting, hence the Ebbles Models I was building during February and part of March. I did get the World Works Games Battle Packs: Battle Basics to check out the Blast Templates, Fire/Smoke effects, and possibly the Flame Templates for when I work out everything for using Flamethrowers in ATZ (have to dig out, ie find the thumb drive its on, the copy of FNG that I have to see how the Flamethrower works).

I am hoping to be able to either pick up some more miniatures from the local hobby shop (survivors) or order more online (most likely Zombies) here in the next couple weeks, it all depends on if I can get my truck back up and running and not have to spend a small fortune doing it.


  1. Best wishes mate, real life do take frst place ahead of zombie life....just barely hehe

  2. Congrats on the job Doug. Sometimes real life intrudes on our hobbies and a forced hiatus isn't always a bad thing. I was separated by circumstances from the hobby for quite a while, yet it was still here when I came back. Good Luck!

  3. Best of luck with the new job, Doug, but do look after yourself. Good health is far too important to neglect (thus speaks the voice of experience). It is sad but inevitable when real life intrudes on our hobby but we aren't going away, so we'll still be here to support you.

    For myself, I'm losing a lot of my own free time as I'm visiting my father in hospital on a daily basis. He was readmitted two weeks ago and has to have surgery to remove an aneurysm in his groin. Worrying times but I fully understand your plight.

  4. Bryan- Well wishes go out to you and your family from both myself and my family.

    As for not feeling good, its mostly because of the weather changes causing havoc on my sinuses. It always happens about this time of year and then again in the fall where the weather is starting to change back and forth before winter hits, so I am used to it. As I said cold and Sinus Meds are my best friend right now, and Red Bull is helping to keep me moving and awake.

    I have finally started to read Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series, its been on my reading list for quite awhile now, finally getting around to it since I have finished all the Dean Koontz books here in the house and havent gotten a chance to pick up any new Zombie books to read.

  5. Hang in there Doug.

    Real life is the priority. There's hoby time a' waiting' once things settle.

    Good luck with the new job.