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22 April 2011

Ebbles miniatures Sale

I just scored me some Copplestone Casting Zombie troopers (1 pack of 5 figures) and a pack of the Copplestone Casting Bio-Chem Troopers over on the Ebbles Miniatures Forums. Christopher Roe (aka Mel Ebbles) is having a Clearing out the Closet Sale! on his forums to liquidate various miniatures he has no use for. You can find the thread here The thread is already a couple days old, I forgot to post this the day he put the thread up. He requests you contact him regarding the figures you would like with an offer, he isn't accepting an offer of trades or gift certificates to other companies for additional minis, and if he feels its a reasonable offer he will let you know the total cost for the figure(s) you would like with the shipping.

Also Chris is currently liquidating his entire physical stock of supplies in his sites supply depot. He has a thread in his forums announcing the reason behind this which I will not go into here. Everything he has left is currently 50% off, other then the down-loadable card stock models, these aren't included in the sale. Also unfortunately he has suspended international shipping to Canada, since he gets very similar USPS (US Postal Service) shipping rates on both domestic (USA) and Canadian packages.

While I am happy I scored some figures I have on my wish list, i am saddened to hear that Chris is getting out of the physical inventory business, I would rather order glue and replacement Olfa blades from him then order them from somewhere else or even shop locally at Wal-mart, just so I could help out a small business owner here in the USA.

BTW this is not the surprise I mentioned in my previous post, that I am currently working on finishing up the last of the little details so I can post it here. I am hoping to either have it finished and posted tomorrow or Sunday, if not one of those two days, I am aiming for Tuesday April 26th. Everythign all depends on if I can as mentioned finalize the details and find time to post it between working at my job, eating, and getting house/yard work done.

Update: Chris is also going to be getting out of the direct to customer sales of his cardstock models. He will continue working on cardstock models for personal projects such as his Saga of the Uppity Robots (the models he currently has on his site for sale), though these will be through his blog I believe he mentioned over on his forums the models on his Blog will go back to the Free, but if you like please donate some money format, but please don't quote me on this I may be wrong.


  1. Thanks for the update on this Doug. I sincerely hope that Mel manages to get everything in order for him and his family, ok.

  2. Doug, I'm very grateful for this heads up. I've just been to the Mel Ebbles store and downloaded everything I didn't have, which consisted of all six 6x6 APVs (how did I miss them?) And three of each of the Jeepvee and Onager colour variants that I was missing. Seeing as the store will close on May 1st, I was glad of this opportunity to acquire some of the stuff I was missing.
    I wish Mel all the best for the future and hopefully it won't be long before we see some of his work in the WWG store. I don't know for certain if he will be designing stuff for WWG but he'd be a wonderful addition to their design team. Either way, I hope this isn't the last we see of him.