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26 November 2013

I apologize for my lack of activity

I apologize now for any lack of activity on my blogs.  As some of you may know, back in January of this year I was laid off from the Photo Studio I worked for when they company that I worked for decided to close all of our studios in the state. Since that time I had been searching for a new job. Good news, I got one just a couple weeks ago.

I was hired as a shift manager for Taco Bell (a Mexican themed fast food restaurant for those not familiar with it). While right now I am not a Shift Manager yet, going through my team member (the entry position) training, on how to do the open prep, making the food, closing, etc... The Restaurant Manager plans on having me do this over the next couple weeks before my Shift Manager training begins. Right now I am looking at working around 32-40 hours a week based on the current work schedules.

I also have coming up in December a Photo gig to take a friends family Christmas photos, then a couple days after Christmas I also have a Wedding Vow Renewal ceremony that I get to perform for another friend/former coworker and her Husbands 5 year anniversary. I am also going to be start saving money for a Friars/Monks Robe and/or a Bishops costume for use at the local Renaissance Festival, I may have a wedding next fall out there to perform, and I want to make sure I am "in character" for it.

This isn't to say I am not still getting the occasional game in where I can. Been doing some Fallout New Vegas on the new laptop, and some X-Com Enemy Unknown (and the new Enemy Within expansion that just came out earlier this month). I have also been reading the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft (currently starting The Dunwich Horror, having finished The Dreams in the Witch House and The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, The Colour out of Space, The Curious Case of Charles Dexter Ward, and At the Mountains of Madness). Luckily I have so far passed all my Sanity Checks and have avoided any contact with creatures of the Mythos, lol. I have also been busy using my free time when not playing a game on the computer or reading brushing up on my calligraphy, primarily to make sure the Wedding Vow Renewal Certificate looks good when I fill it out (would rather have names and date filled in by hand and not printed on from the computer as it gives the certificate a more personal touch).

Due to the new job and the work schedule I don't know when I will be getting any new content posted on my blogs. I am still here lurking and checking out the blogs I follow when I have the free time