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11 September 2012

New Stuff coming soon (hopefully)

Well hopefully this Friday I will be purchasing/ordering some new minis along with getting the stuff together to start building a couple of Qwik fields, a Zombie Fighting pit, and a Zombie Race Track for use in my Mackinac Island Campaign.

Over the past week I have been slowly workign on organizing all my notes for the campaign so they are all together. I have also been editing them to clean what I have up, along with fleshing out some of the communities with  back stories (other then the one I created for Mackinac Island) and main NPCs. Right now I have about a dozen key locations for the campaign. Mackinac Island (where the campaign will be centered) Mackinaw City and Fort Michilinmackinac located there, Charlevoix, MI a ganger/Slaver town, Green Bay, WI a big trade town akin to Lake Havasu City in I, Zombie, Beaver Isalnd a farming/fishing community, Petoskey, MI home to three smaller communities, Cheboygan, MI a zombie town (with a small community of survivors holed up on the waterfront), St. Ignace, MI another smaller survivor community, Escanaba, MI a trade town, and Bois Blanc Island a deserted rock home to a terrible creature (BA Worms).

I have a couple other locations that are planned that will be uninhabited, primarily used as hunting grounds for food.

Right now I would say I am about 1/2 way through gettign the notes organized and the campaign setting fleshed out. I still have to go through and create all the main NPCs (do have a list of names already and where they are located).

I did create at least 1 Qwik team for each community, some have 2 teams.


  1. Sounds like you're almost ready to roll.

  2. Doug, when you do eventually start your campaign it is going to have probably the best thought out background and setting of any campaign I've read about. Your attention to detail is very much to be admired. The adage that you only get out of a game what you put in means that you are in for an unforgettable experience. I salute you!

  3. I have to lay all blame for the amount of background details I try to incorporate into my game, for things as simple as a bilboard for a business that wont even show up, on AD&D 2nd Ed. Primarily from when I was DMing. I got in the habit of trying to provide as mush detail as possible because I had a player that would ask those questions that would require details on the entire scene such as where in the room is the pile of rags, to how many holes have been drilled into the support timber of the mine shaft, etc...

    I will admit for my ATZ games I have toned the background info down some, I am not going to include how many zits are on Young Johnnys left cheek (or even face for that matter) or if he is 5ft tall or 7ft tall, what I will have is a brief description f what he does in the community, possibly where in the community he resides and where he likes to hang out (for purposes of locating him in game).

    I really do wish though that there were some 28mm Qwik figures or at least figures that wouldnt require a lot of conversion available, especially since I am getting one of my friends involved with ATZ (along with ATH, Qwik, and Dead Heat), and she has already expressed interest in painting her own figures. I figure for Qwik 28mm figures that require almost no conversion would be a nice starter project for her, but I will probably start her off with some Reaper Chronoscope babes and a couple of zombie minis.