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09 July 2011

New page(s)

I just added right to the left of the main blog page a section for new pages related to the content on my Blog. The first new page is a consolidation of the Castle Pharmaceuticals fluff that I previously posted. More will be added as I work on more fluff for Castle Pharmaceuticals (primarily the White Rook Experiments).

I also plan on adding a page for other fictional businesses in my campaigns, this will be multiple businesses on one page unless they are a major business like Castle Pharmaceuticals or Mayhem Scientific Research and Development, Inc. (MSRD will be getting its own post eventually, if I haven't already posted the fluff for the company).

I am also thinking of adding a page for the main characters in my Campaigns once they get going. The page will be in the following format:

Name of Character
Starting Rep/Current Rep
Starting Class/Current Class
Weapons (if any)
Misc. Equipment/Loot (both starting and found)
Characters background fluff (if I have provided any)

An example character:
Rep 5
Military/Law Enforcement
Born Leader, Stone Cold
Semi Auto Rifle w/ Scope and Silencer, BA Pistol, SMG, Knife
Equipment/Loot: Tactical Vest (Counts as Body Armor/Protection)
Doug is a former Solder in the Army, serving 8 years active duty as part of a Ranger Unit, upon leaving the military he took the job as the head of Mayhem PD's S.W.A.T. Unit as a favor to long time childhood friend Commissioner William Johnson, to help clean up the corruption from the former SWAT commander. Once settled in Doug hired Rebecca Chase, a fellow Army Ranger (in my alternate reality Women are also able to serve in the military in combat related positions such as Infantry), to act as his second in command and as the Team Sniper, reprising her role from the Army. Doug then announced that there were to be open qualifications for all positions on the SWAT team, any mayhem PD Officer was eligible to try out for the team, and all current SWAT members would have to compete in the qualifications if they wished to remain on the team. With the new Team formed the SWATs corruption was gone, and they preformed valorously on many calls. Doug operated the Team like a well trained Military Unit, requiring each member, himself included to qualify on all weapons they might use 4 times a year, the exception was Rebecca, her qualifications came through the Military and Law Enforcement Sniper Competitions she participated in, typically one per month around the nation. Doug also procured a 150 acre plot of land that the city obtained through a Drug Bust 4 miles outside the city limits, for use as a training Facility for the SWAT, with funds from Drug Busts, Police Auctions, fund raising and donations, the facility was built with, 2 repelling towers (200ft tall each), 8 different shooting ranges (6 of which are ranging from 25yards to 1000yards, 2 are set up for stages, such as starting at 200 yards with rifle, walking towards the target and firing, reloading behind a screen and then moving an shooting to a second screen where the individuals will then pull out hand guns and then continue to move and shoot at the target), 3 houses, 1 small Apartment complex (2 stories, 20 apartments, plus office and a rec room), a Small Store/Bank (could be configured as either depending on training session) and a small school (two Story, 15 classrooms, a gym and cafeteria), all bare walls, limited furniture, fully wired (for lighting, camera surveillance, and limited controlled pyrotechnics) and no plumbing (other then the sprinkler system and hoses in case of a fire), for use in the training sessions. Within 2 years of completion the facility gained national recognition for the training preformed there and soon had SWAT units from across the nation requesting access for training. Doug has since hired a staff consisting of personnel from the military and other SWAT units to function as the the facilities training staff and to handle the scheduling of other SWAT units then Mayhem PD's. The Mayhem SWAT routinely while not on duty, train along side members of other SWAT units, and also assist in the training of the other SWAT units as needed. Due to the fencing around the Facility, and the supplies stocked there (food, water, weapons and ammo, since it wasn't uncommon for the Mayhem PD SWAT to stay there over night and on weekends training, they stayed in the Villa, the house that was originally located on the property) Doug has used the facility as a base of operations for the survivors of the SWAT team and any other survivors they may have come across. each training building has had the pyrotechnics system disabled and is now set up to house the survivors, with the "Villa" functioning as the housing for the SWAT along with the dining facility and Doug's office for planning resupply and rescue missions. All resources recovered are cataloged and then stored in the facilities secure storage.

Please Note that the fluff above for Doug is slightly different then what I will be using for my Star, primarily the part about the 150 acre training facility. In my campaign the Mayhem PD SWAT uses the MOUT training facility at Fort Liberty (a fictional Military base located outside Liberty City, both named for a fictional Civil War Colonel, who initially used his land where the base is located to train a fictional Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment at the beginning of the Civil War), approximately 15 miles south of Mayhem City. And until I actually get the campaign going I wont know where Doug has his base of operations set up.

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  1. This is great, Doug. I love the background story for your alter ego. Have you got a suitable figure for him? I also like the bit you wrote about the team's sniper, Rebecca Chase. She sounds real hardcore as well.
    I like this approach you're taking. Good work, my friend!