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25 December 2010

Hope Everyone had a Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and got some great stuff for Zombie gaming.

My Christmas was ok. I did get some Bacon flavored Popcorn (I love bacon, but the Bacon Popcorn is , ehhh, ok at best), along with the tried and true classics, Clothes, yay, LOL. I also received a Gift Certificate for the local Hobby Shop, so I will be getting me either some more miniatures, paints, or brushes and/or sculpting tools. I also received a gift card for Wal-Mart which I will probably use for some Cardstock or Printer Ink.

Then of course I also had the Ebbles Archive DVD that I bought as a present for myself, which I build one of the M11 4x4's, UN Variant, today just to have something to do. I did include the Weapons Mount (Heavy Machine Gun), though I did do one modification, I glued a Magnet under the Weapons Ring and to the bottom of the weapons cradle, so that I can remove the HMG if I want to, and replace it with the Missile Launcher or the Grenade Launcher, or have nothing in the weapons ring. I built the model with only glancing at the instructions once before starting the build (though I did make notes about where some of the parts, like what bumper was the front and what one was the rear, went on a scrap of paper), Over all it came out looking decent for a quick build without really looking at the instructions. I also unfortunately had to use some White Glue to build it since I am out of the low water content glue (I believe the glue I used before was Scotch Scrap Booking glue) that I normally use.

Well going to go print off a couple more of the M11s and maybe both the 2005 and 2010 UD-41's along with some of the Folding Buildings.


  1. Hi, Doug! Good to hear you had a decent Christmas and that you got so many useful presents. Bacon flavoured popcorn - only in America, LOL!

    I got nothing as exciting as that! I've been making some more of my WWG Mayhem City police station and painting a load of 28mm scale 1970's style civilians and criminals from Killer B Games. The Ebbles folding buildings are very easy to make. I've made four of them so far and plan on making a lot more. Have fun with your modelling!

  2. Bryan- The popcorn as I mentioned is OK at best, even if it was readily available in the stores for a reasonable price I doubt I would get it, I will stick to getting the Extra Butter microwave popcorn.

    Looking at the files for the Ebbles Folding Structures. they do look like they assemble fairly easily. Right now I am hating the M11's all due to one thing, they wheels, the tiny fiddly tabs that have almost no surface area for the glue. I do have the UN M11 finished as mentioned above (using the Police M11 weapon cradle to build the UN M11 a Missile launcher, will be using the magnet method to mount the weapons on the military M11s too), along with the bodies for the Police variant, the Helo Drab and the Black (Gray?) M11's. I have the Helo Drab M9 printed out, unfortunately that's as far as I was able to get ran out of Magenta and Yellow ink in the printer. The UD-41's and the Folding Unit Structures will have to wait till I can get more ink, which will probably be after the 1st of the year when I know I will have enough to get multiple ink cartridges.

    Ended up using the Walmart Gift card on other goodies, Red Bull, Cheese, Crackers, Beef Stick, White Cranberry Peach Juice, etc... to stock up my mini fridge so I have something to munch on and drink late at night when working on either Ebbles/WWG cardstock models, painting miniatures, or working on my campaign settings.

    As for the Campaigns I am currently drawing up a list of creatures created by White Rook (those mentioned here on my blog previously are included, some have additional info added), though of these creatures only a couple will find their way into the games (for rest I might have one or two "samples" being found preserved in Cryogenic chambers, thinking the Medical Pods found in the Ud-41 Payload Freebie from Ebbles or the Ebbles Cryopods would be prefect). For the creatures I do pla on introducing to my campaigns I need to find figures to represent them, some such as the Stalkers (my campaigns version of the Resident Evil Hunters)I will be using Reaper Miniatures Chupacabra that's found in the Chronoscope line (I will also be using the Chupacabra Template found in the Giving up the Goat scenario by THW).