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08 December 2010


as mentioned I received my order from eM4 last week and got to painting the figures during a break from Fallout New Vegas (great game, btw). Ended up getting them painted and decided to take a count of all my figures.

Heres the totals:

55 Zombies (56 if I can find where I placed my Zombiesmith not-Micheal Jackson zombie) of which they are mainly Zombiesmith zombies, one set of Wargames Factory plastic zombies, a set of the Reaper Chronoscope Urban Zombies (the Police officer, "Professional Escort," and the Businessman), and a couple of Horrorclix zombies. Not as many as I initially though I had, I didn't count the 400+ Twilight Creations Zombies (Males, Females, Clowns, and the zombies from the game Humans and Zombietown), the zombies from Flying Frog's Last Night on Earth, or Asmodee's Mall of Horror.

44 Survivors/Military/Gangers/Law Enforcement consisting of Reaper Chronoscope, Zombiesmith, eM4, Last Night on Earth and a couple Horror/Heroclix figures. This isnt including the Twilight Creations Shotgun/Pistol Pawns (Zombies!!! and Zombietown) or the Human pawns from the game Humans.

2 Ragers which are from the free Mantic Ghouls sample that Mantic and Wayland Games was giving earlier this year.

5 PEF's made using the Human pawns from Twilight Creations game Humans.

1 BA Wolf/Dog that's a Horrorclix Dire Wolf.

1 Chupacabra from Reaper Chronoscope line. This will be used as both a Chupacabra for the Giving up the Goat scenario and as a Stalker (my campaign worlds equivelent to the Resident Evil Hunters) created by Castle Pharmaceuticals White Rook Division.

I also have a THW Girl Carolee combo pack ordered (1x 15mm figure and 1x 35mm figure of Carolee the THW Girl) along with some additional ATZ Token sets (one of each: Bullet, Action and Status) to go with the set of each I already have. Depending on how everything goes for Christmas ( as in how much money I get) I will possibly be either ordering another Risk and Rewards Deck and more ATZ Tokens, or more Zombie and Survivor Minis.


  1. wow thats a good collection, are any of these painted yet ? if so where are the photos !!! Geeeeez lol.

  2. That's a good start, Doug. I've no doubt that your collection will grow and grow over the coming months (years?).

  3. @ Extraodinarii- All are painted other then the Twilight Creations Zombies, Shotgun Pawns, the Flying Frog Zombies and the Asmodee Zombies. Photos will be coming as soon as I can dig out all my lighting gear, right now its all packed away in the other room because te room where I would be taking the photos in is currently tore apart and being painted.