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29 November 2010

Quick Break from playing Fallout New Vegas

I am taking a small break from playing Fallout New Vegas. Great game by the way.

My order of minis from eM4 came in today. Must say the minis are nicer looking them the images on the eM4 website shows. All my figures also look like Doug over at eM4 primed them before shipping. Cleanest figures I have ever had, no flash or mold lines visible anywhere on the figures. Only one has any sort of imperfection and that's Rouge Scavenger w/ Assault Rifle and Survival Equipment. on the front of his hat is a small hole from where there was an air bubble during casting. This hole is easily filled though, so it isn't too big of a deal for me.

I of course picked up a copy of Bryan's (Vampifan) Big Sil and Angie (Fat Biker w/ Auto Shotgun and Female biker w/ Auto Shotgun), though mine wont be Big Sil and Angie, I will be calling them something else in my campaigns.

I also picked up the Savage w/ Punch Dagger, Handgun and Hockey Mask, he of course will be a ganger, though not the head of the one gang in my Mackinac Campaign (the gang leader is a Heroclix King Pin figure from original Heroclix release), he will probably be one of the Lieutenants for the King Pin figure (who I am have given the last name of Rex to, since Rex is Latin for King, LOL).

I picked up some of the NBC Troopers, along with the Corporate Guard/Militia/SWAT figures, the Female Reporter and her Cameraman, Road Hero w/ Auto Shotgun and one of the female scavengers.

In all I purchased 15 figures and have another 2 or 3 dozen I want to get (yes there are duplicates such as the NBC Troopers and Corporate Guard/Militia/SWAT in that list). I will probably get to actually painting the figures here later this week. Right now I am just starting with doing the flesh on the figures, will figure the colors for the clothes and everything later. Photos will be coming along with photos of my other figures.


  1. I'm glad to hear that your eM4 figures have finally arrived, Doug. I don't know of any other firm who primes your figures for you but it's a nice touch. I look forward to seeing them all painted. Will you be repainting Kingpin/Rex?

  2. Yeah I repainted Kingpin, so he now has a new suit. He no longer has a white suit jacket and purple pants. Don't have him in front of me at the moment so couldn't tell you what color the suit is now.

  3. Good to here they got to you Doug. I'd never thought about it before, but I have to agree that eM4's figures are some of the 'cleanest' figures I have got myself and they are all great figures. My personal favoourite is the guy in the coolie hat with the gasmask. Looking forward to seeing some piccies of yours when they are done! Are Angie and Suzy really part of triplets? ;)

  4. I just jumped onboard, wanted to say 'hi'and am looking forward to some pics of your newly acquired minis :)