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10 November 2010

A small sampling of my painted figures

Thought I would post a quick sampling of some of my figures, these photos were just quick snaps, I didn't set up my light table or even my light tent to take them.

First up some of my PEF's. PEF is a term in ATZ originally introduced in the Giving up the Goat scenario ($3 from THW), and then included in I, Zombie. PEF stands for Possible/Potential Enemy Forces (officially its Possible, but you can also use Potential), though as some others mentioned because a PEF could be depending on the Die rolls nothing, friend or foe (foe includes Zombies, Ragers, Gangers, Hostile Survivors, etc...), PEF should more  accurately called Possible/Potential Encountered Forces.

To make these i used 40mm circular bases, Twilight Creations Human Pawns from the game Humans, and some plastic sprue pieces. Before painting I glued the sprue pieces into a box shape large enough to fit the dice used in the image. I then placed a Human Pawn onto the base to see how much of the integrated base would need to be trimmed, then trimmed the figures base to fit on the 40mm base. All figures primed with Reaper Pro Paint Dragon Black before painting. Shoes painted GW Skull White, Pants painted Privateer Press P3 Coal Black, Shirt painted GW Skull White, Arms and Face Reaper Pro Paint Caucasian Flesh. The Base is painted Reaper Pro Paint Neutral Grey . I also used Reaper Pro Paint Dragon Black to paint PEF inside the Die Box and on the back of each figure. The Idea for these figures were stolen, err Borrowed from Colin over at Down Among the Zed Men- PEFs.

Now here are some of my painted Survivors next to some of the Zombies I have:
Two Infinity figures with a HorrorClix Zombie Trooper, one of the three HorrorClix Zombies I have, the other two are the Hardhat Zombie and the Zombie Cop.
 Two Reaper Chonoscope figures, then the HorrorClix Hardhat Zombie, another Reaper Chonoscope figure, Wargames Factory Plastic Zombie (Dr. Zed/Trenchcoat Zombie) and then HorrorClix Zombie Trooper.
 Close up of the figures. Same with the picture below.

Shot of the Infinity Ariadna Scout's poncho's camo paint job, still need to finish and add a couple more brown patches.

For my figures I typically go for what I call the Three Foot Paint Job, as long as the figures look good from a minimum of 2ft-3ft away (playing distance when they are out on the table) I am happy. I paint the figures for play not for show. This isn't to say I dont spend the time and paint more detailed figures, because I do, though those figures are typically given to others and not kept for myself. I should note that the HorrorClix figures are stock paint job out of the box with some touch ups (added Reaper Propaints Aged Red Brick as blood in what would be bullet holes, bites, or other wounds, the Aged Red Brick is the color I use for blood, I knwo others use the Tamiya Clear Red).

Sorry for the clutter in the background, the photos were taken at the table I have the computer I use for photo editing and also use as my work station for assembling and painting my minis, and working on terrain. Because I use the table for all this it tends to get cluttered up between projects.

I initially was planning on posting the info about the Evil Pharmaceutical Corporation my next post, but because I had my camera out and some of my figures right here by me decided to post the images instead.


  1. Looking good Doug! I guess I'll have to put PEF on the back of mine now and I'll be waiting for my royalties cheque through the mail will I?

    (methinks I could be waiting a long time! ;) )

    I like the figures and painting you've got up here. I've been wondering whether to black the edges of my bases and I think I will based on what I see here! I've done it before with my WW2 figs and found the quickest and easiest way to do it is to use a permanent marker.

  2. Looks good! Glad to have another ATZ blogger out there! Guess I'll have to make some PEF figures too...monkey see, monkey do.

  3. Definitely looking good, Doug. I like what you've done with your PEF counters. Seems like Colin has hit upon a great idea for creating them. I shall certainly be rethinking how I present my PEF counters. Just using a dice seems rather... simple and not very original. I've got loads of spare Twilight humans and zombies I could use, so I may just have to shamelessly steal your idea, Doug.

    I especially like your sniper figures. Very cool. Good work on the camouflage. It looks fine so far.

  4. @ Colin- The black edging for the bases is the natural black of the base itself. I did the neutral grey surface to cover up any paint that may have gotten on the base during a touch up painting of a figure and decided to do it to all my Survivor and Zombie figures as it looks like it could pass as a concrete surface.

    @PDoid (Sorry not sure your real name at the moment)- Anything ideas I post here are free to use under the Creative Commons License. I will be posting the CC license sign here on my blog in just a few minutes.

    @Bryan- Still have to get some green stuff or Millput to level out the base so you dont see the outer sided of the die box or the Human Pawns base sides. The Infinity figures from Corvus Belli have some very nice figures in the Ariadna and Haqqislam factions that make nice survivors, the Sniper in the Poncho is the Ariadna Scout and the other one is the Haqqislam Tuareg. Though not all figures would work for ATZ, the Ariadna Dog Soldiers are a prime example, though if After The Horsemen introduces creatures like Werewolves then they might work if you combine ATZ and ATH.

    I have gotten a couple of compliments on my Woodland Camo paint jobs in the past when I was a Warlord (Judge/Demo Rep) for Mage Knight and painted up a Demo army with a camo paint job.

    Expect to see the first Castle Pharmaceuticals post her ein the next day or so.