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12 November 2010

Castle Pharmaceuticals

Ahh good old Castle Pharmaceuticals the Global Leader in Medical and Technological Research and Development. They are here to make life for all better.

Castle Pharmaceuticals (also called Castle Pharma, Castle Medical, and Castle Inc.) was founded in 1862 by Dr. Ian Castle and his good friend and colleague Dr. Ryan Maxwell. Originally founded in order to supply medication and medical supplies to Union Hospitals, Castle Pharmaceuticals has since strived to be a world leader in business. After the US Civil War ended Castle Pharmaceuticals built its first factory outside of the US in England. By 1920 Castle Pharmaceuticals had factories and research facilities in Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, India, Australia, Canada and Mexico, in addition to their New york, Mayhem City, Atlanta, San Fransisco facilities and the London England facility.

As more was understood about the causes of disease and infections, Castle Pharmaceuticals continued to be a world leader, developing some of the worlds first successful vaccines. It was Dr. Elizabeth Smitherson who discovered the X-Virus in 1925, when she was only 25 years of age, and a new Castle Pharmaceuticals hire, Upon the discovery of the X- Virus, also known as the Pedes Mortis Virus (Walking Death Virus), due to the fact it kills the infected host within a matter of weeks and then causes the dead to reanimate for a period of 2-4 weeks and consume living flesh, before it collapses from deterioration of the body due to rotting away. Castle Pharmaceuticals vowed to increase the amount of research and find a way to eradicate the terrible Virus. It was in 1943 that Dr. Smitherson and her team discovered the Z-Virus a mutated and more virulent strain of the X-Virus, the Z-Virus kills the infected withing a matter of days, and the reanimated corpse will continue to "thrive" for an unknown amount of time.

During the 1940's Castle Pharmaceuticals started producing Weapons, ammunition, vehicles, and equipment for the US Military and their allies. After WWII ended Castle Pharmaceuticals continued the production of non-medical related products, expanding the range of products to include other household goods such as radios, kitchen appliances, furniture, etc... When computers were just starting to emerge, Castle Pharmaceuticals stepped up to begin manufacturing their own computers and parts for other manufacturers to use, thus becoming the truly diverse company they are today.

Today it is estimated that 80% of the homes in the industrialized world have a Castle Pharmaceuticals product in them, and almost all businesses relay on Castle Pharmaceuticals products for their daily operations.

At least this is the public face of Castle Pharmaceuticals. Unknown to most they operate a secret Black Ops Bio-Organic Weapons Division they call White Rook Division.

For one of  my next post I am planning on providing the details of the White Rook Division that in my campaign a brave secret agent for the MGCIS (Military, Government & Corporation Investigative Services, a Multi-National organization that investigates proposed crimes committed by the worlds Military's, governments and major corporations that I use in my campaign world) before he disappeared. I may also later draw up some background on the MGCIS and post it if theres any interest, though the info may not be as detaield as what I have for Castle Pharmaceuticals since I have only used them in passing in my campaigns (have had them as the Men-In-Black in my campaign only showing up a couple of times, and once as a military unit helping with the evacuation).


  1. Good background fluff, Doug. You've obviously put a lot of thought into this. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks Bryan

    I will admit I am not sure if my Latin (Pedes Mortis) for the lesser X-Virus Strain is technically correct.

    I am seriously thinking about doing a write up on the MGCIS, if not as a post for my own personal use. I am planning on placing an order here before or after Christmas for some of the eM4 Corporate Suits to use as MGCIS Agents, I may also order more of the NBC Troopers to use as MGCIS Agents who are investigating Toxic (Viral or Nuclear) accidents. The NBC Troops I have coming will most likely be either Black Knights (though thinking of using the Reaper Chronoscope Nova Corp. figures for the Black Knights) or painted up as a military unit.

    I may post some of the White Rook Division info later today or tomorrow. I could possibly have three more Castle Pharmaceuticals/White Rook Posts if I wanted to (White Rook background fluff, White Rook structuring, and White Rook Facilities list). Then I have Castle Pharmaceuticals main rival company Mayhem Scientific Research & Development (MSRD) that I could post the fluff for, and as previously mentioned MGCIS if I draw up the background for them. If I do that would basically be all the background fluff from the Mayhem City Campaign I played with some friends last year (no pics since the zombies we were using were all either primed or in varying states of painting and scenery was visually lacking). I know I could draw up the background history for Mayhem City in my campaign but not sure if I really want to.