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07 November 2010

Finally got me a Blog

I finally started my Blog, partly due to the urging of Bryan over at and partly as a way to document my notes for my All Things Zombie games and my ATZ Campaign I am working on.

A little about me and what I want to get from this blog. I am Doug, of of the many survivors of  Zombie Apocalypse gaming. My primary game of choice is All Things Zombie by Two Hour Wargames, though I also play the occasional game of Xtreme Zombie Hunter by Grimey Games, Marines vs. Zombies (don't as the Manufacturer), Last Night on Earth (Flying Frog Productions), Zombies!!! the Game (Twilight Creations), Dead Walk Again (again unsure of who made the game), Total AR:SE by Akula for the UK Frothers, along with a couple others. Reason I primarily play ATZ is because of the fact you can do almost anything (that you may be able to do in real life) with the rules, plus Ed of THW has great customer support through his Yahoo Group.

I am from the Flint, Michigan, USA area (Luckily though I am not in Flint itself but one of the cities between 10-20 miles from Flint). When I start getting scenery built for my ATZ games I will be using the World Works Games Urban Mayhem line for the buildings, may possibly upgrade to the Mayhem TLX line. My games will primarily be centered around Mayhem City, a fictional city created by WWG for their Urban Mayhem line for modern card stock buildings and scenery. I will be placing my Mayhem City here in Michigan either replacing Detroit, Flint, Saginaw or Bay City, the states capitol of Lansing may stay as Lansing of become the infamous Capitol City.

Right now I don't know how often I will get this blog updated, I wont give a set schedule until I get the blog more established though I will try for a post at least once every week or two. I am thinking for my next post that I will post my Mayhem City Campaign I played with friends back before ATZ: Better Dead then Zed was released using the ATZ first edition rules (though there is no real changes int he campaigns rules), or I might post about one of the major companies I have in my ATZ games.


  1. Hey Doug, Looking good! And is Flint really that bad?!

  2. Lets just say Flint usually seems to be within the top 5 (last couple years one of the top 3) Cities in the nation for crime. Back in September they were talking about how Flints murder rate was 4x higher then the rest of the nation, and during the summer we had a serial stabber in the area that iirc stabbed over 20 people (I believe that 2 or 3 of those stabbing committed by him were in Ohio and Virginia) with at least 5 of the victims dying. My numbers on the stabber could be wrong since he was captured back in August. Theres neighborhoods in flint that even if the police get a call about a shooting, it might be a day or two before they go into that neighborhood, they want to make sure when they go in they have enough backup, and if you call for an ambulance in these neighborhoods forget about it ever coming.

    My friends and myself sometimes joke around that you can take a person from Somalia, Bosnia, or other war torn nation where people are getting killed every day and put them in Flint, they would want to go back to their country because they would feel safer because they know what to expect there. Though we know this isn't true.

  3. QUOTE: "And is Flint really that bad?!"
    Right after this question I had to look up Flint. Some pictures appeared as if Z-Apocalypse already happened.