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07 November 2010

Some New ATZ Weapons and Items

Decided to post some of the Items I use in my ATZ games that aren't found in the ATZ: Better Dead Then Zed rule book. These items are are either found in ATZ: Haven, ATZ: I, Zombie, ATZ: Risk and Rewards Deck, the THW Yahoo Group posted by others, or created by me.

For the Items I created I tried to keep them as balanced as possible but I can't guarantee that they are fully balanced. Some items such as the Crossbow and Bow I play as though they are silenced weapons and they follow the procedures for a silenced weapon (described later in this post).

BA Machine Pistol- Rng 12, Target 3, Impact 2. The BA Machine Pistol was originally in the 1st Ed of ATZ, and left out of ATZ: Better Dead Then Zed.

Carbine- Rng 24, Targets 1 or 2, Impact 2. IIRC another Item from ATZ 1st Ed. This is a Semi- Automatic Rifle that has a shorter length barrel. An example of a Carbine would be the M1 Carbine from WWII or the Semi-automatic M4 clones available.

Assault Rifle Carbine- Rng 24, Targets 1 or 3, Impact 2. A weapon I created. This would be akin to the M4 that the US Military has in use today.

Machete- Rng N/A, Targets N/A, Impact 2. The Machete is a melee weapon that adds 2d6 to your attack rolls when used in Melee. Released by Ed Texeria in his ATZ Risk and Rewards Deck and I, Zombie rule book.

Scope- May be attached to any ranged weapon except for the Bow and the S.A.W.. Using the scope allows the shooter to extend the range of the weapon by 12” and allows for one additional d6 to be rolled when firing one shot. In effect, the shooter rolls 2d6 and counts the best results on the Ranged Combat Table. Note the 12” range increase does not stack with the Marksman attribute, though the additional d6 does stack. Released by Ed in the Risk and Rewards Deck.

Silencer- may be attached to any firearm excluding the S.A.W. and the Shotgun. A silenced weapon does not make much noise when fired, so to reflect this use the following procedure when it has been fired:
1) Only an enemy within 12” of the Shooter has a chance of being alerted
If the enemy is a missed target, he will roll 1d6 against his Rep to see if he must take a Received Fire test. If so, the test is taken at -1 to its Rep.
If the enemy is a non-target figure with LOS to the Shooter he will follow the same procedure as if he were a target to see if he can take an In-Sight Test. If so, the test it taken at -1 to its rep.
2) Those that do not qualify under #1 above but are within 12” of the Shooter and outside of LOS will only be alerted to the fact that someone is firing with a silenced weapon.
3) Firing with a silenced weapon does not attract Zombies.
4) Firing of a Bow or Crossbow counts as firing a silenced weapon
The silencer was introduced in the free ATZ: Haven Scenario Hostage Rescue initially released by Rebel Minis with their Haven Boxed set.

Sniper Rifle (Custom Bolt Action Rifle)- Rng 60, Targets 1 or 2, Impact 3 Sniper rifle is equipped with a scope, and the user receives the +1d6 bonus when firing. When used by a shooter with the Marksman attribute, they shooter may take two shots, and will receive the +1d6 bonus from the scope for both shots. This is a weapon created/modified by me.

Bow- Rng 24, Targets 1, Impact 3. Composite Bow used with two hands. The Bow may be fired once when active and once in reaction during the turn. Firing does not attract zombies and firing the Bow follows the procedures for firing a silenced weapon. Introduced in the Risk and Rewards Deck. Part about functioning as a silenced weapon added by me.

Crossbow- Rng 12, target 1, Impact 2. Hand held pistol type crossbow. Once fired the crossbow must be reloaded. It takes one full turn of activation to reload. When reloading the crossbow the figure may now Fast move, melee, or any other action. Firing the crossbow functions as a silenced weapon and does not attract zombies. Introduced in the Risk and Rewards Deck. Part functioning as a silenced weapon added by me.

Grenade- Rng 6, Targets 6” Blast Circle, Impact 2. Fragmentation grenades that can only be tossed by hand. Blast Circle equals # of Targets (6)

Grenade Launcher- Rng 24, Targets 8” Blast Radius, Impact Varies see below. The Grenade launcher can either be mounted to a weapon (ie the M203 Grenade Launcher) or stand alone (ie the M79 Grenade Launcher). To use the Shooter must be active and nominate a spot within LOS. Blast Circle equals # of targets (8). Impact varies based on grenade type used.
High Explosive (HE) Grenade- Impact 2. HE grenades are a fragmentation style grenade.
Tear Gas Grenade- Impact N/A. Any figure within the Blast Circle will immediately move 8” away from the direction that the grenade was fired from. This movement replaces one turn of their activation, whether current or in the future. Figures hit by Tear Gas do not count as Out of Fight. Firing counts as 1 shot for attracting zombies.
Tear Gas Grenade launcher released in ATZ: Haven. HE grenade created by me.

M240 Medium Machine Gun (MMG)- Rng48, Targets 5, Impact 3. This weapon requires a two man team to function properly, with one acting as the loader. When properly crewed the MMG is not subject to the Tight Ammo rule found on page 17 of the ATZ rules. However if there is not a loader then it is subject to the rule. This was released in ATZ: Haven

HMMWV (Humvee)- Speed 18, Turns 1, Seats (see below), Bash Value 6. This vehicle can be configured one of two ways. It will either be a cargo/troop carrier with a crew of two and eight others or a Fire Support Weapon. When used in the latter form it is fitted with a crew served Medium Machine Gun (MMG) and will have a crew of three with two working the MMG and room for six more. Released in ATZ: Haven

Baseball Bat- Rng N/A, Targets N/A, Impact 1 (one handed) or 2 (two handed) The Bat provides and additional 1d6 per arm used when used in Melee. So id it is used one handed it provides an additional 1d6, if swung with two hands it provides and additional 2d6. Released in the Risk and Rewards Deck.

I am always looking for new ideas for weapons, items and vehicles to add to my ATZ games.


  1. I like these Doug - I like them a lot and will probably lift them wholesale for my games - when I eventually get started!

    NB - I'm not saying if; it's definitely a WHEN!

  2. Colin,

    Feel free to use anything I post here. Most those Items if you notice aren't mine anyways, they were either left out of ATZ: BDTZ and included in Haven, IZ, or the Risk & Rewards Deck, I tried to make a note of where the items originated from.

    The items that I created are the Assault Rifle Carbine (think M4), HE Grenade for the Grenade Launcher, and the Sniper Rifle (Custom Bolt Action Rifle). As for the silencer I used the rules from the Free Haven scenario Hostage Rescue since they were laid out better then the silencer rules I came up with.

  3. It's nice to see all this new stuff lumped together, Doug. An excellent article!

  4. Thanks Bryan, I am hoping to be able to have a follow up post with additional vehicles, weapons, loot, etc... later on. I know I posted some of the stuff over on your blog, this is the more refined list of the stuff.

  5. Awsome stuff Doug, you know for awhile now since i read the ATZ:BZTD i've also been thinking about other weapons to add. Really thought alot about somthing like an RPG or 40mm M203 as you said. But your right about weighing it up, will they be to much in your favour and make the game to easy, if happens you can lose the fun but at the same time you want a car full of gangers coming down the road and you just pull out your RPG and send the to hell lol

  6. Steve- I would stay away from using an RPG style weapon in my ATZ games, to use one you would have to have additional rules such as the blast area behind the shooter, anything in that area will be hit with a fireball, and if its a vehicle or building you then have an explosion or fire on your hands, and if its a building you also have the blast being deflected back towards the shooter which may end up hitting him too, plus depending on the RPG style weapon system, iirc for the most part they are single use (the M72, AT4, M80, RPG18, RPG22, etc...), to reuse, if they can be reused, they need to be taken to a special facility to be reloaded. Now the RPG-7 is a reloadable weapon, but if you are basing your game in the US, or maybe a West European country they will be scarce to non-existent. Even the single use RPG style weapons would be a scarcity, I don't see the military issuing them to their troops if the said troop swill be operating on the countries own soil in its own cities, they will want to try and minimize the damage as much as possible, plus your RPG stykle weapons are not designed for soft targets (humans, bikes, motorcycles, etc...) but for hard targets (vehicles, buildings and other structures).

  7. Dam, very good points you made Doug, its amazing to even consider useing somthing like that you have to think about everything as you have done here.

    I was just useing the RPG as an example, it just got me thinking, apart from frag grenades ATZ seems to be lacking other explosive. I wouldnt mind somthing like that or mines, claymores, C4 or anything sort of like that, but then again they all raise more questions.

  8. Steve- If you happen to see this, I am currently working on some additional weapons such as Molotov Cocktails, a Flamethrower, Dynamite/C4, Claymore Mines, is jsut taking a little time to work them out so they are balanced and not overly complicated for use in the game, ie they dont have 3 pages of rules just for the one item, LOL. I wont really be working on Landmines, since a Landmine is primarily designed to not necessarily kill the target(s) but to maim and disable the targets. The idea behind the landmine is that the target will survive, but severely injured possibly with limbs missing. In war you don't necessarily want to kill the enemy. If you can cause sever to permanent injury to them such as blowing off a leg or an arm, then the side they are fighting for has to spend resources rehabilitating said individual and when that individual is relieved of duty and sent home there is the added benefit of lowering the moral of the opposing army's citizens, especially if they have to see the individuals who were maimed due to the fighting every day.

    Now some mines such as the Claymore Mine have multiple purposes, they can be used to maim and incapacitate or they can be used for demolition purposes. Another way to think of a Claymore Mine is as something similar to an extremely short barreled shotgun firing out 700 steel shot pellets (about the size of #4 shot, or 3.2mm in size) in a 60 degree arc with an effective kill range of 20-30 meters, and like a shotgun it can be used for multiple purposes. If you need to enter a room and the door is barred shut and you know right on the other side is a group of heavily armed gangers, use the Claymore Mine as a breaching charge, you have the added benefit that the blast will likely cause some of the steel shot to hit the individuals inside the room and cause the individuals inside the room to be disoriented due to the blast and the shrapnel coming into the room. Claymore Mines can also be set up to fire remotely via a trip wire system, by doing this you now have a landmine.