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11 December 2010

Some of my Miniatures

I already posted some pics of my miniatures previously

Here's some more of the figures along with a crude height scale behind them.

All lines are 5mm apart except for the 25-30mm lines, I have included a line at 28mm. The scale starts 4mm from the base of the cardstock (the height of a slotted base).

From left to Right: THW Carolee 35mm, THW Carolee 15mm, Horroclix Zombie Trooper, Zombiesmith Zombiesmith, Last Night on Earth Hero, Last Night on Earth Hero, Heroclix Kingpin, Zombiesmith Jacket Zombie (Straight Jacketed Mental Patient), Horrorclix Corporate Trooper, Wargames Factory Plastic Zombie (with Metal head from Reaper Chronoscope's Frank Russo Blister pack).

From Left to Right: THW Carolee 35mm, THW Carolee 15mm, Reaper Chronoscope Frank Russo, Reaper Chronoscope Sugar Anime Heroin, Reaper Chronoscope Candy Anime Heroine, eM4 Female Biker w/ Auto Shotgun, eM4 Fat Biker w/ Auto Shotgun, Reaper Chronoscope Terrell Zombie Survivor, Wargames Factory Plastic Zombie (Head from the Reaper Chronoscope Frank Russo Blister pack)

From Left to Right: eM4 NBC Trooper, eM4 NBC Trooper, THW Carolee 35mm, THW Carolee 15mm, PEF (Twilight Creations Human pawn form Humans!!!), eM4 Camera operator, eM4 Female Reporter, eM4 Biker Chick w/ Auto Shotgun, eM4 Fat biker w/ Auto Shotgun

Sugar has blue hair with purple dry brushing and the gun has been painted with Reaper Pro Paints Purple Steel (no longer manufactured), Sugar has Orange hair with neon pink dry brushing and her gun is painted neon pink over a black base coat. the 35mm Carolee has both the blade guard and the pommel of her sword painted in Purple Steel. As mentioned in the captions the Wargames Factory Zombie has one of the two heads from the Reaper Chronoscope Frank Russo Blister, which is a skull mask. Also all my Wargames Factory zombies are mounted on square 25mm bases, where as the rest of my figures (with the exception of Reapers Frank Russo which is on a 30mm lipped base, and my PEFs which are on 40mm round bases) are on 25mm round slotted bases.

I do have more figures but unfortunately I need to dig out all my lighting gear and find an area here that is large enough for me to start taking decent pics of the figures, these were quick shots with ambient light and one flash off camera.

I like the Carolee figures but unfortunately probably wont use them all that often, as you can see the 35mm one towers over all the other figures at 35mm without being mounted on a slotted base like most my other figures, her base is integrated, though I did glue her down to a 25mm circle of plastic from a blister pack. The 15mm, based on a US Penny (one Cent piece) one will be used with the 15mm Zombies and Survivors which were purchased from THW right before Ed sold the molds to Mike at Rebel minis. I probably wont post pics of my 15mm minis since I mostly use them for testing and quick little games that I can play on a smaller area.

In addition to the Carolee figures and the Chupacabra figure mentioned in my last post this week I picked up another set of each of the ATZ token sets (Action, Status and Bullet tokens), additional paints (like reaper Pro paints Purple Steel which was on sale at the Local Hobby shop since its been Discontinued), some Gale Force 9 Green Stuff (finally have some decent putty to work with after getting a bad batch of Milliput), and 32 ceramic tiles (4-1/4in x 4-1/4in, white) to use with teh interior building rules in I, Zombie. I have taken a black sharpie and divided each tile into 9 sections (for ease of figure placement) and will be using Dry Erase Markers on them to show doors, stairs, windows, open areas, etc...


  1. Nice comparisons Doug, but the pictures are too dark to really make out the paint jobs :( that said, the full size photos (my settings IE shrink them to fit the window) are clearer. I like the news crew and NBC troopers - well done on all of them!

  2. Doug, it's nice to see your painted minis, so many thanks for sharing. I've a couple of criticisma to make but hopefully you'll find them constructive. First up, Colin's right - your photos are too dark. I'm sure that can be easily rectified in the future once you get your proper gear set up.

    Secondly, the height scale behind the figures is a good idea. However, it only works if every figure is measured from the same starting point. For example, 35mm Carolee, who you haven't mounted on a slottabase appears to be a lot smaller than she is in real life. You're measuring her from her ankles, not the soles of her feet, which is very misleading. When I did my size comparison photos of my zombies I placed a piece (or two) of thick card underneath the figures with slottatabs to compensate for those with integral metal bases that I'd stuck onto a slottabase.

    I'd like to see more of your work, so please keep posting them. Oh, by the way, is there any particular reason for the disparity of sizes of bases? I understand why your PEF had to be bigger, but I can't figure out why your WF zeds are on square bases.

  3. @Colin- Yeah I know the pics are a tad darker then what they should be, but as I said almost all my lighting gear is packed up and buried in the other room since we are painting the room I usually take the photos in. As for the NBC troopers if you notice I did paint them different, the one pointing has a different shade of green helmet, did this to show him as the leader, I also did this with one of the Para-Military eM4 figures, his cap is Olive Drab where as the others are the color of the uniform (Same color as the NBC Troopers outfits).

    @Bryan- Yeah I know I should have had something under Carolee's so she was standing at the same starting point as the rest, but even with how it is you can see how she still towers over all but the Hero/HorrorClix figures (and even they are on the slotted bases). When I get everythign set up I will try to remember to take pics of Carolee with her feet at the 0mm mark on the background height scale. As for the WF Zombies, at the time I put them on the bases I didnt have any 25mm rounds, all I had were some 40mm rounds and a bunch of 20mm and 25mm square bases, so I went with the 25mm square bases. I do have the HorrorClix Dire wolf also based on a 25mm square, that I did because I am thinking I will be basing animals on the square bases and save the rounds for my survivors and zombies. The goat corpse that comes with the Reaper Chupacabra is based on a smaller 20mm square base, though the corpse will be more used as a scenery prop then an actual figure.