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08 January 2011

Ebbles Miniatures Redux

As previously mentioned I have been busy building some of the Ebbles Miniature models. So far I have a couple of the M11 4x4's and M9 6x6 vehicles from the Archive DVD built along with some of the newer GPV (JeepVee) 4x4's and the Folding Unit Structures.

First Up some of the Folding Unit Structures:
Large FUS Side- Helo Drab

Large FUS Front (Back side is the exact same) Helo Drab.  The Helo Drab FUS has the Ebbles Miniatures logo on both the front and back to the right of the door.

Large FUS Side- Urban Gray

Large FUS Front/Back- Urban Gray

Small FUS Front (the back side is only a wall with two windows, no door)- Urban Gray

Small FUS Front- Urban Gray next to a Desert Pink GPV 4x4 (this will be the vehicle used by my Reaper Chronoscope Anime Heroines)

Small FUS Front- Urban Gray with Ebbles Sign next to Desert Pink GPV 4x4

Small FUS Side- Urban Gray again next to Desert Pink GPV 4x4

Now on to some of the vehicle models I have built:
M9 6x6 with turret- Helo Drab. For this I actually placed the turret off center on purpose, as you can see why in the following photos

M9 again with turret

M9 with turret mounting location

M9 with additional cupola instead of turret

M9 with Missile/Rocket launcher in place of the cupola or the turret

M11 4x4 UN Scheme w/ Missile launcher next to Prototype Black GPV

M11 UN scheme and Black GPV again, notice in back between the two the HMG with magnet on the base of the platform. Magnets are used to mount the various weapons (and the cupola and turret on the M9) to the vehicles

Showing off the license plates I made UN01 for the UN and 359 LPM for the GPV, I am trying to add a different plate number to all the vehicles, both card stock, styrene (plastic) and die cast (metal).

More M11 license plates. Top Black M11 ZED SLR, Bottom Left Helo Drab US13A, Bottom Right Police scheme P0L1C3

M11 Helo Drab w/ Missle Launcher

M11 Helo Drab w/ Missile Launcher rotated off to side, this is the advantage of using magnets to mount the weapons, you don't have to keep them in a fixed position and can have then rotate 360 degrees.

I do have to go back and finish edging all the models, they white doesn't look as bad in real life, since I was using a small pop up on camera flash it hilighted every little white spot on the models.

I do have another M9, a couple more M11's and a Medium FUS assembled along with some of the M.A.S.H. Containers found at to further populate my Military Outpost/Refugee center. I am also planning on using the FUS as a survivors community further on in my campaigns.


  1. Wow, Doug, you have been busy! Excellent work on all of the models. It's been a while since I made any vehicles but after seeing your work I have a hankering to make more. Once you edge your models they will look terrific. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Now all I need is more ink, more ink, more ink, more card stock, more card stock, more glue and plenty of time and sharp blades for the knife.

    Right now I am looking at the Craft Robo/Silhouette cutting machines and Continuous Ink Systems (and compatible printers), it all depends on my tax return, and if I can get a new vehicle that wont cost me an arm and a leg.

  3. Looking good Doug! you have been busy, and the output is good - well done matey!

  4. Thats very good work there, you have good output which is always needed for this hobby.

  5. Thanks Angry,

    My printer is a Canon Pixma Printer, though I do plan on getting a new printer here eventually that I can use a Continuous Ink System with, righ tnow the printer I am using only accepts a black cartridge and a tri-color cartridge.