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19 January 2011

Exploring Unfamiliar Territories

I am going to engage in the exploration of an unfamiliar territory (to me at least). I am going to try my hand at sculpting my own figures. My inspiration comes from Bryan and the sculpts he has done and shown off over on his Blog  and some of the sculpts people have done on the Lead Adventure Forums The main source of information on sculpting comes from the tutorial by Jason Miller over on Matakishi's Tea House Warning The Tutorial Guide does contain Nudity, both Male and Female Warning

Right now I have two test heads started. they measure 6.78mm H x 5.64mm w for the face of the one and 5.55mm H x 5.26mm W for the other one.The larger head was my first one and I sculpted it with an open mouth and deeper sunken eye sockets, this one I will try and sculpt into a zombie head. The face on the smaller head sort of reminds me of a sweet little old ladies face (minus the wrinkles). I also have two test bodies that I started to sculpt before looking for tutorials on how to sculpt miniatures, as such they are humanoid in shape but obviously they are too disproportionately to be humans or even zombies. I am chalking these up as experiments on getting a hang for working with greenstuff.

I do plan on ordering some various weapons such as Hasslefree's M16, MP5 and Mac-10 so that I don't have to try and sculpt my own weapons. I figure if I take about a week or two on each step I should have a usable figure two sometime this summer.

I will try to update this post with a pic or two of the heads as they are now when I get a chance.

As promised some sample pics

The beginnings of a Zombie????

Again sorry pics aren't of better quality, still have all might lighting gear packed up and buried in the other room.


  1. Hey Doug, Good luck with the sculpting and please do put some piccies up!

  2. Yes, good luck with the sculpting and looking forward to some pictures and nudity.

  3. Best of luck to you, Doug. Sculpting is not an easy skill to master. Be patient and keep on practising. The Jason Miller guide is an excellent tutorial site. I wish it was around when I first started sculpting. Of course in those days there was no Internet. I learnt by trial and error. I did loads of sculpting in the 1980's mainly to plug the gaps in what was available then. Back then the choice of figures available were far more restricted than they are today. I began with sculpting loads of figures from the 2000AD comic, especially the Judge Dredd, Johnny Alpha and ABC Warriors strips. I also made the four heroes and many of the zombies from the original "Dawn of the Dead" film. They were all crap! I look at them now and just cringe! But no one else was going to make them and my players loved them. You ought to have a much easier time of it than I did. So, once again, good luck, Doug!

  4. I wouldn't even know where to start! Good work and good luck. Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Colin, Bryan, Angry, Z Ad- Thnks for the well wishes.

    Bryan- some of your sculpts you have posted were my main source of inspiration in trying to sculpt my own figures

    Angry- Dont think I will be trying to sculpt any nudity for a while.

    Z Ad- the link to Matakasi's Tea House in the post above is a great place to start, by the looks of it, Jason Miller has done a great job on his tutorial, he includes plenty of pictures (most of them are illustrations) to show what he is talking about. I also have a copy printed out of The Beginners Guide to Sculpting Miniature Figures from Scratch by Drew Williams from his 2003 Gen Con Sculpting Class

    I already knew going in it was going to take some practice and patience, especially from past experience with using greenstuff and how sticky it can be initially to fill in gaps and what not on models.

  6. I have started on my first actual figure sculpt, I am going to go the cheating route and try and sculpt someone in a HazMat suit since I thing it will be a little more forgiving with mistakes. I am not going to worry about some of the details such as belts, sensor gadgets, etc... at the moment, I just want to get basic figure sculpted first.