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02 February 2013

New minis on the way

Well I did someting I know I shouldnt have, I ordered me a bunch of Hero/Horrorclix singles from Troll and Toad (where I previously ordered Horrorclix minis for my Cirque du Infierno gang) to help fill out my human population.

I also ordered 100- 25mm round slotted bases for $10.99 from ebay, the only reason I went with Ebay is because slotted bases are next to impossible to find around here and when I can get them they are the GW ones that come with the 40mm, 60mm and motorcycle bases for $10 or the smaller pack of 10- 25mm round slotted bases for $4.95 (these are a rare find around here and when I can find just the 25mm round slotted bases it is usually only a single pack of them). Almost all my figures other then the Wargames Factory Male Zombies (20mm square bases iirc), the WF Female Zombie Torsos (again 20mm square bases iirc), the Last Night on Earth minis (integrated bases) and some of the Heroclix figures (30mm round lipped bases) are on 25mm round bases (all but the GW Catachan Jungle Squad are on slotted bases) to try and keep everything fairly uniform. The Heroclix on the 30mm bases are the newer ones that were case with a base that then fits onto the 3 pegs on the clix dial base, though the ones I just ordered will be mounted onto 25mm round bases since I am out of the 30mm lipped bases from the Heroclix singles I bought a couple weeks ago (along with the HF, West Wind, Reaper, and Crooked Dice minis) ended up using all the 30mm lipped bases I had in my possession.

The list is as follow (Figure name, #, Set, inteneded use. Note If use is for Cirque du Infierno I am puitting it as Killer clown for simplicities sake, even though the figure might not be a clown, the same goes for possible gangers and civilians, they will be listed as survivors)

The Joker #013 Batman DC Heroclix  - Killer Klown
Amanda Waller #012 Arkham Asylum DC Heroclix- armed survivor
Captain Gordon #031 Arkham Asylum DC Heroclix- armed survivor or police officer
Hitman #022 Arkham Asylum DC Heroclix- armed survivor
Per Degaton #029 Arkham Asylum DC Heroclix - Survivor?
Street Thug #008 Arkham Asylum DC Heroclix -armed survivor
Mugger #006 Web of Spider-Man Marvel Heroclix - armed survivor
The Burglar #105 LE Marvel Heroclix Web of Spider-Man Marvel Heroclix- armed survivor
Arkham Asylum Guard #003 Batman DC Heroclix- police officer
Dick Grayson #027 Batman DC Heroclix- police officer
Sasha Bordeaux #023a Batman DC Heroclix - armed survivor or police detective
Code: Blue Officer #005 Web of Spider-Man Marvel Heroclix- police officer
The Joker Thug #004 Batman DC Heroclix- Killer Clown
Officer Friendly #048 Freakshow HorrorClix- Police Officer
Tattooed Man #076 Freakshow HorrorClix- Killer Clown
Wildman of Borneo #006 Freakshow HorrorClix- Killer Klown
Wolfboy #008 Freakshow HorrorClix- Killer Klown
Daken #031 Web of Spider-Man Marvel Heroclix- Killer Klown
Black Canary #003 Streets of Gotham DC Heroclix- Unarmed Survivor
Mary Jane Watson #030 Web of Spider-Man Marvel Heroclix- Unarmed Survivor
Harley Quinn #035 Experienced DC Heroclix Hypertime- Killer Klown
Thug #014 Experienced Marvel Heroclix Infinity Challenge- Armed Survivor
Professor Xavier #076 Rookie Marvel Heroclix Infinity Challenge- Unarmed Survivor
Tiger Lily #013 Rookie Indy Heroclix- Armed Survivor (ordered 2 not realizing it at the time)

Note: I also picked up a copy of Munchkins Zombie, Munchkins Zombie 2 and Munchkins Zombie 2, and the Munchkins Zombie Kill-o-Meter. As soon as its back in stock at the LGS and I have the money I will be getting the Munchkins Zombie Meat Locker (two card boxes for holding all the cards one for the treasure cards one for the door cards). I am also already looking at getting Munchkins Apocalypse when I have the money to spare.


  1. I am so out of touch with what's available for Heroclix these days. I stopped buying them when they killed off Horrorclix. Even so, that seems like a very good collection of minis, you've got there. Good work, Doug!

  2. Bryan- I dont even know what a majority of the Heroclix sets are myself. When I do get any they are typically either singles that I can see what they are (the one Local Hobby Shop has a bunch of Heroclix singles on display for sale, most are either $0.50 or 3 for $1, though some are more based on rarity), though I may get the occasional single random figure that looks to be released as previews, if I can use it sweet if not then it will be set aside for possible conversion later, this is what I did with the Capt. America figure. I set him aside then chopped his head off, replaced it with a Wargames Factory Zombie head (the one with the sun glasses that looks normal) and green stuffed the shield into a full body Riot Shield, while not the best job it works, then repainted the figure.

    Of course as we know the Joker will and Harley Quinn both are great base figures to the Killer Klowns. The Joker I ordered is shirtless armed with two knives, and I believe is based of the Dark Knight Rises Heath Ledger Joker. White Harley is armed with a gun and i believe a bomb. The Joker Thug will probably get some repainting to the face along with a green stuff nose.

    As for the rest of the figures they will get repaints as necessary, such as Tiger Lily will get a repainting of the face to hide the tiger makeup, and one will probably get the outfit and hair repainted. I may attatch one of the extra Games Workshop Lasrifles (with Sling)from the Catachan Jungle Squad that I have to wheel chari of the Prof. X figure I ordered.

    Black Canary will probably be going with the Maxwell Lord figure I have as part of his team (right now going to play Max as a Cop who also operated a martial Arts School, and is the Sensai of my version of your Hannah Vaughn).

    Speaking of my version of Hannah Vaughn I ended up painting the Hasslefree Sadie (B), armed with the katana, figure I got a couple weeks ago to represent an older/alternate version of her. I figured that after a few games and a rep increase or two she will have ditched the roller blades, found a weapon, and got rid of the pony tail. I may or may not get a figure to represent an older version of my campaigns Billy Vaughn equivalent.

    I did get the email from Troll and Toad today that my order has shipped, when I clicked the link for the tracking number the USPS website said it has received the electronic shipping information (which could mean it was picked up today and hasn't been updated yet, or it could be picked up tomorrow. So hopefully I will have the figures as early as Thursday.