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29 October 2012

Proof I am still around

Proof I am still around and trying not to just lurk.

First Up the Qwik Field/Court:

I bought some foam core that folds in half to use for my field, figuring easier storage. The empty space on the one side will have a gong (probably will be scratch built) and some stone piles for throwing at the gong.

Grid laid out (done at work while on break)

Another view of the Field, the foamcore folds in half

Starting to carve out the grid

Now on to a figure that was from my purchase last week.

Bonzo the Killer Klown. He is basically finished, just have some minor touch up work to do, along with adding some blood to the meat cleaver, though his gloves will miraculously remain pristine and white.
I do have the other Reaper figure and 10 of the 30 (not counting the extra "crawler" torsos on the sprues) WF Zombie Vixen primed and painting started. I am hoping to get these figures finished sometime this week, then assembling another 10 Zombie Vixen to prime and paint, before doing the last 10.

Edit 30OCT2012: I realized in my last post I said that the Minis I picked up last week were my first ones of the year, this is incorrect, I did get some minis this year, they were the Hunger Games figures that I have as for now left as is, because I didnt do anything with these other then rebasing they slipped my mind. I did finish the first 10 Zombie Vixen. Also below I commented on ordering some Horrorclix figures to be part of my Killer Klown gang, I noticed looking at the invoice I was emailed that I didnt order the fire breather, but a second Zombie ventriloquist, oops my bad. Hopefully next week when I get paid again and can throw more money onto the card Troll and Toad will still have the firebreather (will also be ordering some Heroclix singles that arent overtly super heros).


  1. Good rendition of Bonzo.
    Qwik ?

  2. Ought to be fun....the Killer Clown horde grows! BTW, would those cannibal midgets work as "normal" crazies for a 20mm game? I'd like to get into the clown-zombie action myself. ;)

    Zombie Chow

  3. The Cannibal Midgets are actually called Cannibal Clowns from the Freakshow expansion, this is the figure

    I just placed an order from some of the Freakshow horrorclix figures, the Vampire Roustabout (x2) the Carney (x2), Monster Patrol (the figure that Bryan, aka Vampifan, uses for Billy and Jamie Vaughn), Knifethrower, Fire Eater, Zombie Ventriloquist, Zombie food vender, Cannibal Fatlady, and the two headed freak. They will all be repainted and become part of my Killer Klown gang, along with the Reaper Ringmaster (when I get a chance to pick him up) and any evil/killer clown figure I can get. The way I look at it the gang wouldn't just be the clowns but also some of the other Circus members (such as the sideshow freaks like the fat lady, roustabouts, carneys, etc...) The Zombies will get put into my Zombie Hoarde, they wont see action as part of my Killer Klowns.

  4. You have to love killer clowns, Doug! I've got the Reaper clowns but I haven't got round to painting them yet. Actually, I have a lot of unpainted clowns (as if I need them!). Nice selection of Horrorclix figures you've ordered. It's good to know that you can still get them.

  5. Good to see you back. I must admit my 'Qwik' project went into 'that' part of the cave were good ideas go when not finished. I must try and get motivated to that, the zombie pit, 'Long Rifle' the lis never ends. GOOD LUCK, I look forward to your project. I have clowns to paint as well.