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09 November 2012

The Circus will be growing larger

Well my Circus from Hell (Killer Klown gang) will be growing a little larger. Ordered from Ebay one Horrorclix Base set Jester (aka Sunny the Killer Klown in Vampifans games),Horrorclix Freakshow Yama (clown on a ball) and the Horrorclix Freakshow Medium. I do have on my list of minis to get the other Reaper Chronoscope Killer Klown, Ringmaster and Strongman. I am also thinking of getting the Eureka (at least I believe they are Eureka) Killer Klowns on Unicycles, if i cam find a retailer stateside so I dont have to worry about ordering from Australia. Sad news is when I get the new figures I will have to wait to do anything with them since I dont have any 25mm round bases, slotta or otherwise.

I also took advantage of the World Works Games sale that ended today (09NOV2012) and ordered Urban Grind, Podtel 6, Wildwoods Grove and Cathedra Noctis Retrofit, all sets I have been putting off getting for one reason or another. With Urban Grind I believe that completes my Urban Mayhem collection, now to start thinking about Mayhem TLX.

Wont be building any of the card models for a while, my printer decided to crap out on me, and before I get a new one, want to research CIS (Continuous Ink System) and compatible printers.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this.

  2. I'm liking the sound of your Killer Klowns project. I'm still collecting clown figures. I have the Eureka clowns on unicycles but I haven't got round to painting them yet. My most recent purchase was a pack of Acheson Creations' Crazies and Cultists, which contains a great figure of a clown with a chainsaw! Check him out, Doug.

    I read your planned changes for Killer Klowns on the Post Apoc forum and I liked you ideas concerning the Hive Mind. You should post them on your blog and on the Board of the Living Lead forum. The more I think about Killer Klowns, the more I am convinced they are not human. I see them as demons from another dimension, which is why I gave Sunny his unique attribute when I played my final BDTZ scenario - "Sunny's Revenge". It gave me the perfect excuse to make him immune to zombie attacks and a reason for having so many smart zombies under his command.

    I also made use of the WWG Halloween sale and bought the three Deadfall sets I was missing. I still have a hankering for Wild West gaming but even if it never materialises I can still use parts of the sets in a contemporary setting. Props and furniture are always useful to have.

    Bad luck on the printer. That's a serious downer. I hope it doesn't take too long to find a suitable replacement.