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21 March 2012

Still Hanging

Well the weather has been super nice lately, in the 70's, so I haven't been inside much (other then when I am at work). One of the things I have been doing outside is of course yard work. I have also been trying on my days off from work to get out to the shooting range to get some target practice in. Unfortunately the one range I prefer no longer allows anything but paper targets, so I can no longer use the "zombie" targets I built, all they are is a PVC pipe skeleton with a small melon (cantaloupe, watermelon), small pumpkin, or similar item for a head, I have in the past used foam mannequin heads, until I realized that they would be better for use as test targets for experimenting with different lighting schemes for photography. I do have a couple of paper "zombie" targets I can use so not all is lost. I am still getting a quarter size groupings with both my WASR-10 (Semi-auto AK clone in 7.63x39) and my USGI M1 Carbine (.30 M1 Carbine) using only iron sites at 100-110 yards.

I have also been out and about with my camera in the local park and nature preserve trying to capture some of the local flora and fauna, or in my back yard shooting pics of my mom and dads dogs playing.

While I am inside I have been fooling around with my newest toy, a copy of Adobe Lightroom 3, I have Lightroom and Lightroom 2 already so I am already familiar with the program. What I like with 3 is I can now easily shoot tethered to a computer without having to use a second program for capturing the images from the camera, now all I need is a new laptop so I can shoot tethered on site. Even though I just bought Lightroom 3, I may end up in a month or two getting Lightroom 4 which was just released earlier this month in order to play with the new features. In addition to Lightroom I am going to have to learn how to use Photoshop CS4 Extended (bought it back a couple years ago via a student discount, and have only used it maybe 2 times just to fool around with it) or GIMP (an open source Photoshop clone), especially if I want to do some kitbashes of the WWG cardstock models.

Well off to get ready for work, want to leave early to see if I can get some pics of a Great Blue Heron that has been at a pond on the way to work the past couple days.


  1. Getting to grips with your camera and with photo-editing programs is always time well spent, I think. Best of luck in your endeavours, Doug.

  2. Yet you show us none of your photos!

    Hehe sounds good though.

  3. @Bryan- I am very familiar with my camara and its functions, its just that I haven't really messed with Photoshop (or GIMP), though I am familiar with Lightroom, as it is more for cataloging your library and minor photo editing (adjusting contrast, sharpness, white balance, etc...) compared to Photoshop which you have more editing capabilities with.

    @ Johnny- Most the images I have taken aren't anything great, most are of possible locations to set the camera up, and maybe my lighting gear, if I do a shoot with a model (in reality a friend who is willing to pose for some pics for them to put up on facebook).

    Didn't catch the Heron today on the way to work or on the way home from work, I think it might have been scared off since there were some guys about 15ft from where the bird was fishing on the way to work.