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02 June 2013

And the Winning Spaceship Game Faction name is, oh yeah and the Contest Winner too

The winning name for my Primary Spaceship Game Faction will be: The United Star Force for the Governmental side and United Star Navy for their Military Side.

 Now on to what you guys are probably waiting for:

I did make one small change to how I picked the winner. Instead of just the voters for the winning faction, I took all the names of the followers who voted, along with the two I regularly game with locally and put them in the drawing hopefully getting everyone.

The Winner of the prize is Sean as seen below using the List Randomizer at

The Winner is: Dave Lister, err I mean Sean

Honorable Mention goes to:

Again here were the Prizes For Sean:

The winner will receive his choice of a Miniature ($10USD or about £7 price limit) from Reaper, Zombiesmith, Irregular Miniatures (Spaceships), Ground Zero Games, Studio Bergstrom or or Brigade Models, in addition I will name a Starship (or Starship class), star system/planet or a Starbase after them in my campaign universe.

Prize for PapaSpanky and Zerloon:

These individuals will receive Honorary mention on the new Blog, and also have a Starship or Starbase named after them (they get to chose).

I am also about a Consolation Prize going to Vampifan for coming in last place in the contest. If I do most likely he will receive a Participation Certificate and an item or two that's either laying on the Projects table gathering dust or some stuff from the Bitz Bin or one or two of the "Dime Store" Spaceships I recently bought 144 of, ultimately I don't know yet.

I will be trying to get a hold of Sean tomorrow via Email or a comment on his Blog to hash out the details for his prize.

I am also hoping to hold more contests in the future.


  1. Woot!! Immortality at least! :D
    Congrats to Sean for the win, and to you for your first contest! :D

    If I can choose I'd like to have a Starbase named after me :D

  2. Can do Zerloon, Did you want it your Internet handle or your real name? Personally I think some thing like Zerloon Trade Station, Starbase Zerloon, etc... has a ring to it.

  3. Sean has chosen his Miniature selection, He is getting 2 of the Studio Bergstrom Sing-Ons Praetor Pocket Destroyers. Since they don't come with bases I will also be throwing in 1-in Hex bases for both of them from the extras I have from an order to eM4 (bases through them were cheaper then anywhere else 15 of them for £1.02 (approx $1.60US) where as else where they ran the gambit from $0.30US individually to about $13US/10 bases. He will also be getting a Starship Class named after him (and a starship, the first built of the new class), along with a little character fluff.

    PapaSpanky- I still need to hear from you on whether you want a base or a ship named after you.

    Zerloon- I think I will be going with Zerloon's Casino and Luxury Station as your Starbase. I am thinking that the casino was initially built upon an Asteroid as a place for asteroid miners in the system to go and spend thier earnings. Over time it grew and the Commandant (Honorary) Zerloon had the asteroid towed from the asteroid field and into a planetary orbit. Once there Commandant Zerloon continued to build onto the station until it became a luxury resort, offering gambling in the casino, Holosuites for guests to live out almost any fantasy, high class dining, shopping, etc... along with by invite only exotic big game hunts in the Commandants private game reserve he built on one of the planets moons.

    I am hoping to be able to model Zerloon's Casino. I am currently looking for the right rock to use as the asteroid it was built around. if worse comes to worse I will glue/epoxy/greenstuff a couple of smaller rocks together (probably lava rocks).

  4. Cool I got a H.M.!! I think I would like a ship named after me, as my name will lend itself better to that, I think. If you want to do a base im cool with that too, can't wait to see the fluff!!

  5. Spanky- I was thinking that you could have a merchant ship named after you something like Spanky's Folly or Spanky's Haul. I think I found just the ship model to use for it too.


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