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14 February 2011

Ebbles Miniatures Desert Pink vehicles

First off thanks for the congratulations on becoming an Uncle.

Now on to the meat of this post.

Previously I mentioned using the Ebbles Desert Pink Jeepvee 4x4 as the vehicle for my Reaper Anime Heroines to travel around in. I also mentioned possibly putting Hello Kitty on them. Well after searching for some good pictures, I decided to cheat. I bought some Hello Kitty Stickers to use. I currently have two of each of the Desert Pink Jeepvees, Onagers, and the 6x6 APV's printed out, with Hello Kitty on one of the Onagers (currently in build process), one of the Jeepvees and one of the 6x6's. Unfortunately these wont be finding their way into my fleet, instead they are going to the 5 yr old daughter of one of my friends. I was talking to her (my friend) online and mentioned the Ebbles Models, well she ended up going to the site to look at them and her daughter seen the pink Jeepvee and said she wanted one. I said it was easy enough for me to build her one since I already had the files, and then me and my big mouth mentioned thinking of putting Hello Kitty on one and next think I know my friends daughter wanted Hello Kitty on hers.

Build process is going slow since I have been hanging out with my family over at my brothers and around my little nephew. When I have been at home, I have been playing on the computer (after doing what I need to actually do), the game I have been (re)playing is one from 1999/2000, Planescape Torment, the first and only PC game to be set in the AD&D Planescape setting. I am also going to be pulling out my Baldurs Gate (one and two with expansions) discs and Icewinds Dale (again both one and two) discs to play those games, since it has been quite awhile since playing them, and I want some good old fashioned AD&D 2nd edition adventuring (granted Baldurs Gate 2  actually uses a AD&D 2nd Edition/D&D 3rd Edition Hybrid rule system), that was quick and easy to get started withough having to pull out all my rule books and try to find players who want to play 2nd edition.

Update: Heres the Onager and the Jeepvee with my Anime Heroines for scale:

The Jeepvee has the Hello Kitty heads printed off on reagular printer paper, the smaller ones unfortunately didnt turn out that great and I had to fix them using a black fine point pen. The Onager used the Hello Kitty Stickers, though I did use some of the flower stickers on the Jeepvee as headlights. The rear of the Onager also has tulips on the hatch door that came from the sticker sheet. Both vehicles have custom made licens plates (my friends little girls name followed by either a 1 or a 2, Jeepvee is 1, Onager is 2). I do have the 6x6 with stickers on it waiting for me to cut and assemble.


  1. Cool builds. My daughter would like them too!

    1. Nice build!

      Hasslefree Miniatures have a girl with a pistol and a Hello Kitty backpack that would be perfect for that! :O)

  2. Eduardo- I have the mini you are talking about. Unfortunately as I mentioned in the original post these went to a friend of mines daughter.

    Even after a year my friends daughter is still playing with them, granted they have had to have some repairs (wheels glued back on mainly, and a little bit of scotch tape from where one had a tear in the side). The daughter has asked if I am gong to build more pink vehicles, and if so if I will build her some more with Barbie and Monster High stuff on them.