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05 February 2011

A simple rant and a small update on what I have been up to

This post is just me going off on a small Rant.

I HATE WINTER. Earlier this week (Wed Feb 2) here int he States we had a nice little winter storm that crippled a good part of the nation, areas like Tuscon Arizona which normally are a low of about 60 during the day have been at freezing or close to freezing temps since the store, the Huston, Texas area is covered in ice, Chicago, Illinois is buried under snow, etc... Well here in Michigan we also got hit. I was planning on going and picking up more Ink, Cardstock and glue Wed. but unfortunately due to the weather condition and how bad the roads were, it didn't happen. Especially when the city plows my street and the end of my driveway gets blocked in from the snow they city plowed into it, and due to the cold temps the ice they used salt to melt ended up refreezing, which made clearing out the end of the drive a little more difficult, had to break the chunks of iced up snow into smaller pieces so the snowblower would be able to handle it. I can't wait till the weather warms up.

When I did finally get out and about last night I never did get to Walmart for the cardstock and glue or Staples for the ink, though I did get to the local Verizon Wireless store and picked up some screen protectors and a snap on hard case for my new Motorola Droid phone (it was ordered on Wed from Verizon Wireless's online store, and arrived yesterday, Friday). I have been playing around with the phone looking for some cool Zombie wallpapers and even some cool ringtones. Right now my ring tone is the Japanese version of the end credits form one of the coolest little silly zombie games ever, Plants vs. Zombies. I did also get the English version of the credits song, Zombies on your Lawn.

On a good know I have been recycling some of the cardstock (about 10 sheets) that I have where what I printed was when I ran out of colored ink (just print what I want on the clean side), and building some additional Barracks props since I dont have enough for the additional Folding Unit Structures I want to build (want to build a couple more Medium FUS's to use as Barracks while the Small will be individual offices and Latrines, while the large and X-Large will be workshops, warehouses, dining facilities, group offices, etc...)


  1. I feel your pain, Doug. I wouldn't say that I hate winter because I don't. But I do HATE snow and ice. Last December was just horrendous and I hardly left the house at all during that month. Fortunately 2011 has started fairly well and I only hope the snow stays away.

    Your plans for the Ebbles FUS's pretty much match my own. I also want to use one of them (probably the medium FUS) as a medical centre. They are incredibly versatile buildings. So far, I've made two small FUS's and one of each of the others, but I'll certainly be making more of them.

  2. Bryan- I have a bunch of the ISO M.A.S.H. containers (they are you metal shipping containers you see on ships and being pulled behind a semi) from granted they are all enclosed and you cant put a figure in them, but they do allow you to populate the board with some additional structures and using the Building interior rules found in I, Zombie you can easily play them as though they do have an interior (two tiles per container, one for the junction connectors). That'ts not to say I wont use a FUS as a Medical building, they will be used as the recovery room (basically another Barracks facility, though this time with only single bunks and not the double bunks), where the patients are housed while they recover from their wounds and the surgeries they had to have.

  3. Hang in there Doug! Sporing is on the way once more. I just recived my archive DVD, very exciting, so look forward to following behind you with some of those great items.