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09 August 2011

Fictional Companies in my Campaigns Part 3- Blue Diamond Pawnbrokers

Well here is the third installment of fictional Companies I will have in my campaigns. Please take note that this is a very very rough version of the info, all typed out in about 5-10 minutes, I haven't even proof-read it yet, only did a quick spell check.

Blue Diamond Pawnbrokers

Blue Diamond Pawnbrokers, Mayhem City's premier pawn shop, has been serving the area for over 90 years. Established in 1919 by Ezekiel Robertson. The original Blue Diamond Pawn Shop was located at the corner of W. 4th St. and Baker St, where it remained for the next 35 years before moving to its current location at 1549 Castle Avenue. Ezekiel was a popular broker, primarily due to the fact that he would routinely overlook someone coming in up to a month late to pay off their loan. Though business was rough during the 1930's Blue Diamond Pawnbrokers survived, to become the place to buy and sell secondhand items, or find that rare collectible you have been after. It wasn't till the 1950's with the move to the current location that the business really started to excel. Ezekiel at the recommendation of his son, Issac, branched out to do business in objects other then the standard, gold, silver, jewelry, and artwork. Blue Diamond Pawnbrokers began to take in anything of value from old movie posters, to vehicles, to firearms, Issac also liked to joke around that if the it was legal to buy or take a living human in pawn they probably would deal in that too.

Today Blue Diamond Pawnbrokers while still located at 1549 Castle Avenue, now takes up the entire block. Thier showroom alone is over 3000 sq feet, with another 2000 sq feet outside dedicated to housing the vehicles they have for sale. Blue Diamond Pawnbrokers also currently operates 2 satellite shops one at the Mayhem International Airport, where they sell various aircraft that they have received either in sales or in pawn, and one at Mayhem Marina where they handle the watercraft they have received. Currently there is only one watercraft that the shop has that they wont sell, the 200ft luxury yacht, Mayhem's Pride, the former Division head of Castle Pharmaceuticals yacht that he lost in a poker game with then Mayor William Shoals. The mayor sold it to the Pawn Shop, and used the money to build Shoals Park for the community. Now the yacht is used by Rebecca Robertson-Gaines, Ezekiel's granddaughter, and her husband as a home.

Recently Blue Diamond Pawnbrokers was purchased by Castle Pharmaceuticles, who do have plans of turning Blue Diamond pawnbrokers into a franchise, based on how well the proposed Los Angeles does. With the sale Rebecca Robertson-Gains will continue to work for the Castle Pharmaceuticals as the head of their pawn shops, a position which now gives her the chance to travel the world, primarily via her yacht, scouting locations world wide for future Blue Diamond Pawn shops, as the Mayhem's Pride is equipped with a Helios 3 MCS and a personal office for Rebecca to handle any work she needs to do.

Unknown to almost everyone, with the exception of Rebecca and certain Castle Pharmaceuticals employees, with the acquisition of Blue Diamond Pawnbrokers by Castle Pharmaceuticals, the brokerage has taken a darker turn, in addition to putting pawned items on sale for those who default on their loans, they are also harvesting the organs of those who have defaulted on multiple or high valued loans. The individuals are killed in a "mugging" and then Castle Pharmaceuticals harvests the organs during the autopsy. These actions go unnoticed due to the fact that the Mayhem City council previously passed the Organ Donor Law, giving Castle Pharmaceuticals full right to harvest healthy organs from recently deseased individual so that they may be used to help others in need of an organ transplant. Unfortunately only 50% of all organs harvested get used as intended, the rest are used by Castle Pharmaceuticals for experiments, or sold to the wealthy who don't want to have to be on the waiting list.


  1. Great stuff, Doug, and I particularly liked the dark twist in the tail.

  2. That is twisted Doug. Gripping stuff, so many story hooks.