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22 August 2011

Just a small Update

Just a small update. I do have a couple more businesses (and the Multi-national MGCIS) that I have created fluff for, just need to dig out my notes for them. I also have been throwing around some ideas for characters for my Mackinac Island Campaign, two characters that I am debating on using is one Marshal James Raynor and one Captain Matthew Horner (10 geek points to the first person who can identify where I stole borrowed the names), who will travel around the Great Lakes, aboard Raynor's ship, which is helmed by Horner in a similar fashion to the Marshals of the Old West, traveling from community to community as needed dispensing justice. Another character will be a Sheriff Jack Carter (another 5 geek points for the first one who can identify where this character comes from), who will be the law for one of the smaller communities.

Other then working on some additional background fluff on both characters and businesses, I just received in the mail today my order of 50 Zombies from Victory Force Miniatures. right now I have all 50 primed and the zombie flesh painted in on all of them, my preferred color for my zombies is the now Out-of-Print Reaper Pro Paints Ghoul Gray, once the pot I currently have is no more I will probably use Reaper Master Series Ghoul Skin, Moldy Skin or Bloodless Skin, though right now I am unsure what one of these three colors I will use.

When I get some more free time, and am not painting I will try to post additional business fluff or character stats and fluff.


  1. James Raynor and Matt Horner are characters from the computer game "Starcraft." Jack Carter could be the hero of the film "Get Carter" but I suspect he is from the sci-fi drama "Eureka." I claim my 15 Geek points. Thank you.

  2. Bryan for the win! :) Looking forward to more Doug.

  3. Ding Ding Ding, Bryan for the Win. Raynor and Horner are Starcraft(2)and Jack is Eureka.

    I am thinking I might throw in some Geek point questions in future posts, its always been a fun thing me and my friends have done, trivia and awarding geek points to see who is the smartest one, though I have been banned from accumulating them just like I have been banned from playing Trivial Pursuit, my friends tell me I am a font of useless trivia knowledge due to the amount of History and Discovery Channel programs I watch.

    On another note I have a couple of my VF zombies painted and ready to be sealed. Painted one that looks to em like a nurse in scrubs and one that is obviously a fat guy in sweats (will be adding MCCC to the front of his sweatshirt so he has on a Mayhem City Community College sweatshirt, and maybe, if I can, a small logo {read a small black blob} with MCCC under it on the bottoms). I also have started a legless zombie sitting (he looks like he was a homeless/pan handler guy complete with the sign around his neck that typical reads Will____ for ____). Painting him wearing a navy blue jump suit, just have to wait for the first layer to dry before I add the second layer so I can get an even coverage.

    Well back to painting have this small hoard in front of me that might decide that I am a perfect meal for them if I don't start working on them.