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06 October 2011

Not looking good...

Well October has already started and it looks like I am going to have little to no real free time. Got my schedule for the month for work and lets just say they want me working shifts that kill any plans for gaming, especially since they moved me to a new studio and its about 45min drive from my house where the studio i was working at was only a 10 min drive. Plus the shortest route (the 45min drive one) is probably going to be taking longer right now since they are doing construction on part of the road and its been shut down to 1 lane for that stretch, though the projected completion time is in about a week and a half.

What gaming I have been doing is nothing to write about, it's all been on the Nintendo Wii, more specifically Wii Sports (Bowling). I did find my Game Cube copies of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4, now jut need to get a GC memory card and a GC controller and I can play them on the Wii.

If everything works out and I have me money available after the bills I should be getting either the Wii version of Dead Rising or Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles (which as far as I can tell is RE2 and Code Veronica with a new smaller game taking place before the events of RE4). Of course I also plan on getting a non-zombie game, one of the best party games ever, Mario Party 8, and if the store I was in a couple weeks ago still has it and RE gun adapter for the Wii remote (also planning on getting another gun adapter though this one will be the one that comes with a Cabela's hunting game).

Now a question for those of you followers of my Blog who own Wii's. What are some good games you would recommend that I get (other then the RE ones, since I already plan on getting them) for some single player gaming? and how about for family gaming (just a note these ones need to be fairly non-violent since 1) my mom would be playing them and she isn't into violent games and 2) I may also be having kids between 5 and 10 playing these games too)?

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